The best gaming laptops for any budget

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Gaming laptops are the perfect solution for a very specific group of people—they’re ideal for serious gamers who need a rig that can play demanding games while remaining somewhat portable for frequent travel or LAN parties. They aren’t slim battery life champions, and building a desktop will always get you more raw gaming power for less money, so gaming laptops aren’t the most practical solution for all gamers. That said, a great gaming laptop can play the latest games on high to ultra settings with a good 1080p screen, keyboard, and cooling system.

At $1800 (~£1130), the Asus G750JS-DS71 is our pick for best gaming laptop. The JS-DS71 configuration has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M graphics card, a quad-core Intel Core i7-4700HQ processor, and 16GB of RAM, along with a 256GB solid state drive and a 1TB hard drive to store games and other media.

Gigabyte announce new slimline gaming laptop

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Taiwanese tech giant, Gigabyte, announced this week their latest slimline gaming notebook, the 14-inch P34G v2. It’s a thin ‘n’ light laptop that's supposedly "perfect for any corporate worker who needs a reliable laptop by day and then wants to play demanding games after work."

The GTX 860M inside should handle demanding games well. My feelings on the choice of graphics card are a bit mixed—on one hand the 860M is rocking the same GK104 GPU as the impressive GTX 775M of the last generation, but on the other it isn’t the version of the 860M that comes with the new Maxwell GPU.

Nvidia 800M series steals world's fastest notebook GPU crown from Nvidia, says Nvidia

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Good news from Nvidia for fans of warm thighs on long trips. From today the graphics card behemoth is planning a renewed assault on the gaming notebook market with its forthcoming range of GeForce GTX 800M GPUs, with extended battery life billed as a key feature alongside the (expected) annual performance improvements. PC Gamer recently attended a launch briefing for the 800M series, of which the most powerful variant is the 880M (pictured) which Nvidia claims is the world’s fastest notebook GPU. You can expect the chips to begin appearing in notebooks immediately, and among those to include the 880M at launch are the Alienware 17, Asus G750JZ and MSI GT 70.

Razer: PC gaming is not dead. It's... portable?

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Very very shiny. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical about Razer's viral marketing site,, but it turns out to have been worth hanging around for on this Friday afternoon before the bank holiday.

The big announcement is the Razer Blade, which is being billed as the “world's first gaming laptop”. I imagine Alienware, ASUS, MSI, and Dell might have something to day about that, but there you go.

The Blade, though, does look very nice. It has a 17inch screen, but is just two and a quarter centimetres deep, which earns it the right to the name at least. That makes it thinner than an equivalent MacBook Pro, although it's fractionally heavier at 3.2kg.

Inside, there's a 2.8GHz Core i7 processor with 8GB RAM and a 320GB hard drive. The graphics card is a bit disappointing – the NVIDIA GeForce GT555M it sports is OK, but may struggle to doi justice at the 1920x1080 resolution of the screen.

Gaming laptop UK giveaway. Win this Medion Erazer X6813!

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We may have just lost our minds. For today's massive competition; Medion have given us a killer gaming laptop. A whole Medion Erazer X6813 Laptop worth over £1,000 to give away to one lucky reader. It comes with a built in 80GB solid state drive on top it's regular 750GB hard drive and Blu Ray player. Quite frankly it puts most of our home desktops to shame. And it could be yours. To keep forever. Someone in the UK is going to win this.

Read inside to see how you could win this fantastic prize.

Hard Stuff: Falcon Northwest TLX review

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Got a hankering for Ferrari-like paint jobs? Check out Falcon Northwest’s TLX. Its lid is covered in an eyeball-caressing, glittery blue paint, with a majestic falcon’s head emblazoned across the middle. Nice.

Hard Stuff: Digital Storm xm15 review

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For those of us whose pockets don’t bleed money, laptops priced around $1,000 are far more practical, such as the Digital Storm xm15. Of course, you should expect some sacrifices for the lower price.

Hard Stuff: Origin EON15-S review

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You know those folks that dress for utility instead of style? The ones that wear flak jackets and ammo belts to dinner parties? The Origin EON15-S is their laptop equivalent.