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Meet the team

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PC Gamer magazine published its first issue in 1993, and since then its writers have been covering all things PC gaming. Today we're an international team, spread across the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Here are the folks who make PC Gamer happen today.

Tim Clark — Brand Director

US — As an inveterate Hearthstone addict, Tim spends most of his time trying to explain why all Priest players are degenerates. The rest of his day is spent playing Destiny 2. Seriously, he's on it right now.

Follow Tim on Twitter: @timothydclark

Evan Lahti — Global Editor-in-Chief

US — Raised by a Team Fortress Classic clan, Evan can only communicate using multiplayer FPS jargon, sort of like that Star Trek: TNG "Darmok" episode. ("2fort, when the walls fell...") A Michigan native, Evan also enjoys hockey and backpacking and one day hopes to visit this Finnish hockey sauna.

Follow Evan on Twitter: @elahti

Phil Savage — UK Editor-in-Chief

UK — Phil leads PC Gamer's UK team. He previously edited the magazine, and thinks you should definitely subscribe to it. He enjoys RPGs and immersive sims, and can often be found reviewing Hitman games. He's largely responsible for the Tub Geralt thing, but still isn't sorry.

Follow Phil on Twitter: @Octaeder

Tyler Wilde — Executive Editor

US — Tyler has spent over 1,200 hours playing Rocket League, and slightly fewer nitpicking the PC Gamer style guide. His primary news beat is game stores: Steam, Epic, GOG,, and whatever launcher squeezes into our taskbars next. 

Follow Tyler on Twitter: @tyler_wilde

Fraser Brown — Online Editor

UKAs PC Gamer's online editor, Fraser's actually met The Internet in person, and he keeps a small piece of it in a jar. Sometimes it whispers to him—exclusively with ideas for features.

Follow Fraser on Twitter: @FraserBrown

Robin Valentine — Print Editor

UK As editor of PC Gamer magazine, Robin hides in the world of print, guided by his belief that a review only exists if you can hold it in your hands. He loves RPGs, turn-based strategy, and absorbing pointless videogame lore.

Follow Robin on Twitter: @robinvalentine

Wes Fenlon — Senior Editor

US — When he's not 50 hours into a JRPG or an opaque ASCII roguelike, Wes is probably playing the hottest games of three years ago. As features editor he seeks out personal stories from PC gaming's niche communities. 50% pizza by volume. 

Follow Wes on Twitter: @wesleyfenlon

James Davenport — Features Producer

US — James is PC Gamer’s bad boy, staying up late to cover Fortnite while cooking up radical ideas for the weekly livestream. He can still kickflip and swears a lot. You’ll find him somewhere in the west growing mushrooms and playing Dark Souls.   

Follow James on Twitter: @My_beards

Andy Kelly

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Andy Kelly — Features Producer

UK — If it’s set in space, Andy will probably write about it. He loves sci-fi, adventure games, taking screenshots, Twin Peaks, weird sims, Alien: Isolation, and anything with a good story. He lives in Yorkshire and spends far too much time on Twitter.

Follow Andy on Twitter: @ultrabrilliant

Chris Livingston — Features Producer

US — Chris has a love-hate relationship with survival games and an unhealthy fascination with the inner lives of NPCs. He's also a fan of offbeat simulation games, mods, and ignoring storylines in RPGs so he can make up his own. 

Follow Chris on Twitter: @screencuisine

Steven Messner — Senior Reporter

CAN — Steven enjoys nothing more than a long grind, which is precisely why his specialty is on investigative feature reporting on China's PC games scene, weird stories that upset his parents, and MMOs. He's Canadian but can't ice skate. Embarrassing. 

Follow Steven on Twitter: @stevenmessner

Rachel Watts — Staff Writer

UK — Rachel loves a good ol' detective mystery, story rich adventure game, or weirdly wonderful indie. Her proudest gaming moment is the one time she kept her virtual pot plants alive for a year.

Follow Rachel on Twitter: @rachel_wattts

morgan park

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Morgan Park — Staff Writer

US — Morgan is an FPS specialist and one of PC Gamer's resident young people. He would love to spend more time playing weird stealth games and immersive sims, but he's still waiting for Warzone shaders to install.

Follow Morgan on Twitter: @MorganRPark

Rich Stanton

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Rich Stanton — News Editor

UK — Rich was raised by a Spectrum 48K in the Scottish wilderness, and this early exposure to survival mechanics made him a rooter-out of the finest news truffles, and suspicious of all the soft, civilised Amiga people. These days he mostly plays Counter-Strike and Rocket League, and is good at one of them. He's also the author of a Brief History of Video Games.

Follow Rich on Twitter: @RichJStanton

Andy Chalk — US News Lead

CAN Andy covers the day-to-day happenings in the big, wide world of PC gaming—the stuff we call "news." In his off hours, he wishes he had time to play the 80-hour RPGs and immersive sims he used to love so much.

Follow Andy on Twitter: @AndyChalk

Natalie Clayton

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Natalie Clayton — News Writer

UK — A one-time dog sledder, pancake flipper, alien wrangler and indie darling, Nat now scours the internet looking for the hottest PC gaming news. Destined to become Scotland's first Battlemech pilot.

Follow Nat on Twitter: @its_natclayton

Mollie Taylor

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Mollie Taylor — News Trainee

UK —  A bit of a faux-weeb, Mollie will argue why your JRPG waifu is the wrong choice despite having equally awful taste. When she's not lurking in forums for nuggets of news, she's probably still failing to full combo that one song in a rhythm game she's been playing for years.

Follow Mollie on Twitter: @mollietayy

Harry Shepherd — Guides Editor

UK Harry tells you how you should play your PC games, despite being really rather terrible at them. Good luck finding out how holds down his job, though: he steadfastly refuses to convey information unless it’s in clickable online form. 

Follow Harry on Twitter: @HarryyShepherd

Emma Matthews

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Emma Matthews — Guides Writer

UK — As PC Gamer's guides writer, Emma is usually juggling several games at once. She loves competitive first-person shooters like CS:GO and Call of Duty, but she always has time for a few rounds of Hearthstone. She's happiest when she's rescuing pugs in Spelunky 2.

Follow Emma on Twitter: @RatCupcake

Staff headshots

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Dave James — Hardware Lead

UK — Dave has been obsessed with gaming since the days of Zaxxon on the Colecovision, and code books for the Commodore Vic 20 (Death Race 2000!). He built his first gaming PC at the tender age of 16, and finally finished bug-fixing the Cyrix-based system around a year later. When he dropped it out of the window. Thankfully it's a lot easier to build a gaming rig now there are no motherboard jumper switches, though he has been breaking technology ever since… at least he gets paid for it now. 

Staff headshots

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Alan Dexter — Senior Hardware Editor

UK — Alan has been reviewing and writing about PC tech since before 3D graphics cards existed, and can often be found simply holding the latest hardware marvelling at how small everything is. He's played far too much WoW (over 7,000 hours), but somehow still finds time to be rubbish at Apex Legends.  

Follow Alan on Twitter: @ardexter

Staff headshots

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Jacob Ridley — Senior Hardware Editor

UK — There's no 'Silicon Valley' where Jacob grew up, but part of his home country is known as 'The Valleys' and can therefore be easily confused for a happening place in the tech world. From there he graduated to professionally breaking things and then writing about it for cash in the city of Bath.

Follow Jacob on Twitter: @RidleyJG

Jorge Jimenez — Hardware Writer

US — Jorge Jimenez is a Hardware Writer from the enchanted lands of New Jersey. When he's not filling the office with the smell of Pop-Tarts, you can find Jorge streaming bad games with his dog or binge-watching an irresponsible amount of Law & Order: SVU.

Follow Jorge on Twitter: @jorgex

Staff headshots

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Katie Wickens — Hardware Writer

UK — When she's not pretending to be clever, or hiding her true feelings behind mountains of sarcasm, Katie can be found either worldbuilding, writing sci-fi, or getting involved in some strange (possibly satanic) TTRPG. Otherwise, she amuses herself with colony builder, simulation, and survival games, and learning obscure, generally useless facts.

Follow Katie on Twitter: @steins_kake

Shaun Prescott — Australian Editor

AU — Shaun is PC Gamer’s Australian editor and news writer. He mostly plays platformers and RPGs, and keeps a close eye on anything of particular interest to antipodean audiences. He (rather obsessively) tracks the movements of the Doom modding community, too. 

Jody Macgregor — Weekend Editor

AU — Jody is that guy who will try to convince you to play some indie game you've never heard of with a name like Extreme Meatpunks Forever. He is also on a doomed quest to play every Warhammer game.

Follow Jody on Twitter: @Jodymacgregor

Graeme Meredith — Video Editor

UK —  Introduced to PC Gaming by free floppy disks off the front of self-help PC magazines his Mum bought in the early '90s. Usually daydreaming about some stupid Sega arcade thing. Considers video editing the greatest videogame of all time. 

Follow Graeme on Twitter: @FossilArcade

John Strike — Art Editor

UK — Our UK and US art editor John exclaims 'You can't wipe your ass with a website' in his relentless enthusiasm surrounding our magazines. PC Gamer reader and subscriber since the age of 14, he's landed his dream job designing our issues from cover to cover each month.

John's other loves include his two long-haired miniature sausage dogs Fred and Barney, shooting down helicopters with a tank in Battlefield, and farting the first five notes of Her Majesty's National Anthem. And of course his long-suffering girlfriend.

Stevie Ward — Community Manager

UK — Community developer Stevie manages PC Gamer's internship program, community and charity initiatives, and hangs out in Discord and Slack with us. You can find her over on our forums or on Twitter.


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