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PC Gamer US Podcast #350 - Catfantastic VII: Origins

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Prepare your skeleton for the seventh edition of Catfantastic, the world's most brutal and least fair PC gaming quiz show. Join Evan, Tyler, T.J., special guest Hollander Cooper, and hostmaster Logan Decker as they navigate a gauntlet of incredibly cruel trivia, electroshock therapy, and a black hole of anagrams and arbitrary rules for the devastating 350th episode of the PC Gamer US Podcast!

Witness the end of human civilization on PC Gamer Podcast 350 - Catfantastic VII: Origins

Congratulations to the winners of CATFANTASTIC! [US only]

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Thanks to everyone who played, listened, and just plain tolerated ELECTROCATFANTASTIC. In honor of PC Gamer’s 300th US Podcast, we not only tortured one another with an electric stun wand as part of America’s cruelest game show—we also invited loyal listeners to play along for a chance to win some FABULOUS prizes!

IT’S HERE. 12.2.2010.

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Today on PC Gamer’s 250th Podcast: LaserDeathCatFantastic! The most brutal and least fair PC gaming quiz show ever aired. Stay tuned!

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