All Disney Dreamlight Valley codes and how to redeem them

Disney Dreamlight Valley codes - A player smiles and points to a large balloon arch while wearing sparkly mickey mouse ears.
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Disney Dreamlight Valley codes offer a chance at filling out your little corner of the Magic Kingdom with some new furnishings and clothing, at no cost to you. To celebrate new updates and events, Gameloft has been releasing redeemable DDV codes, which you can claim for quick and free additions to your Dreamlight Valley selection. There've been codes for outfits, furniture, crafting materials.

So far, most Dreamlight Valley codes have had a limited lifespan of about a month, while others seem to last indefinitely. Don't wait on grabbing your freebies when they're available. Here's a list of the latest active DDV codes and instructions on how to redeem them.

Active Disney Dreamlight Valley codes 

  • DDVBALLOON - Celebration Balloon Arch, 2x Celebration Balloon Cluster furniture items
  • DDVHEADBAND - Celebration Mickey Mouse Ears, Celebration Minnie Mouse Ears clothing items
  • DDVBPACK - Celebration Backpack clothing item
  • HALLOWEENBUNDLE - Playful Pumpkin Scarecrow, 2x Small Pumpkin Collection, 2x Large Pumpkin Collection, Heavy Iron Cauldron furniture items
  • PRIDE20231 - Pride Gleam Tee clothing item
  • PRIDE20232 - Pride Illuminate Tee clothing item
  • PRIDE20233 - Pride Shine Tee clothing item
  • PRIDE20234 - Pride Shimmer Tee clothing item
  • PRIDE20235 - Pride Glow Tee clothing item
  • PRIDE20236 - Pride Radiate Tee clothing item
  • PRIDE20237 - Pride Bright Tee clothing item
  • PRIDE20238 - Pride Dazzle Tee clothing item
  • PIXL - Air Hockey Table, Game Machine, Coin-op Game furniture items

Dreamlight Valley codes don't last forever. Typically, they've expired a month or two after they've been revealed. Redeem them while they last.

If you want to track down potential new codes yourself, the most recent Dreamlight Valley codes have been shared in official Dreamlight Valley news posts, so that's a good place to start your search. Older codes have been distributed on social media, hidden in development roadmap images, and even distributed as rewards in Discord text adventures.

How to redeem Dreamlight Valley codes 

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To redeem your Disney Dreamlight Valley code, go to the "Help" section of the "Settings menu," copy the code into the text box, and press "Claim". You should receive your rewards by in-game mail.

Don't let them go uncollected in your mailbox forever, though. The message in your in-game mailbox containing your reward will expire 179 days after appearing.

Expired Dreamlight Valley codes

As mentioned above, Dreamlight Valley codes eventually expire. Typically, they have a lifespan of a month or two before going inactive. For the sake of archival completionism, here's a list of all the expired Dreamlight Valley codes. They won't work if you try to redeem them, but I won't stop you.

  • GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM - Mysterious Golden Potato item
  • CENTENNIAL - Melting Platinum Minnie Mouse Ears clothing item, 15 Iron Ingots
  • DREAMLIGHTPARK - Magical Recyclers furniture item
  • FOFSOUVENIR - 5 Iron Ingots, 5 Gold Ingots, 5 Tinkering Parts
  • FOFCRAFTYKIT - 5 Clay, 5 Fabric, 5 Cotton
  • FOFCATCHDAY - 5 Kingfish, 5 Fugu, 5 Anglerfish
  • FOFSURPRISEKIT - 15 Snowballs, 15 Hardwood, 15 Glass
  • FOFSUCCESS - 8 Pumpkins
  • FOFLOGEMS - 3 Diamonds, 3 Rubies, 3 Sapphires
  • FOFLOSHARD - 5 Dream Shards, 5 Night Shards
  • FOFTROPHY - 150 Moonstones
  • FOFGLITTER - 150 Moonstones
  • OCEANVIEW - Light Blue Ice Cream Stand, Minimalist Surfboards, Lightning Strike Wagon furniture items
  • AUTUMNBUNDLE - Two Pampas Grass Jugs, two Bountiful Marigold Baskets, Autumn Wreath, Autumn Harvest Pennants
  • SG2023GIFTS - Painting Table, Vine Flower Lamp, Snowy Festive Window, Telescope furniture items
  • SGSNOWDAY - Haughty Snowman, Snow Kid, Snow Lady, Snow Hut furniture items, 20x Snow Brick Road with Border paving items
  • SGWRAPPINGPAPER - 5x Festive Wrapping Paper material items
  • SGCOZYCOCOA - Marble Fireplace, Marble Coffee Table, Ornate Couch furniture items, 5x Hot Cocoa meal items
  • SGMULTIPLAYER - 2x Glitchy Pixel Duplicate material items, 2x Pixelized Cooking Flame enchantment items
  • SG2023 - 500 Moonstones
  • SGICEYITEMS - Ice Castle Vertical Tapestry, 2x Icy Window, Ice Glazed Couch, Chilled Chair furniture items
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