Player Studio

SOE's Player Studio marketplace expands to Canada and Europe

Chris Thursten at

SOE's Player Studio program allows players to earn money submitting new EverQuest or Planetside items for consideration by each game's developers. It comes from the same set of ideas as Valve's Steam Workshop - the notion that any body of players has enough talent within it to substantially expand a game if given the chance, and that this expansion can be tied to economic incentives that benefit everybody.

EverQuest Next Landmark is "GURPS for MMOs," will include AI, combat, DM tools, more

Tyler Wilde at

There's EverQuest Next, and then there's EverQuest Next Landmark—two different MMOs linked by Sony Online Entertainment's unusual development process. Landmark will come first, sometime in early 2014, as a free-to-play MMO focused on exploring and Minecraft-style building, except with tools that go far beyond block stacking. Later on, however, Landmark will grow into the platform for EverQuest Next, and players will get all the tools SOE is using to build its flagship fantasy MMO.