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TowerFall Ascension: the multiplayer battler coming to PC with new co-op mode in tow

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Previously Ouya-exclusive knockabout archery multiplayer game TowerFall is coming to PC, as we already mentioned several times over the last few months. However, until now we haven't had a video to back up our outrageous claims. Now we do, along with a title: the pleasantly oxymoronic TowerFall Ascension. What new stuff is in this belated PC (and *cough* PS4) version? Well, co-op for one thing, plus a bunch of other stuff I'm saving until after the break. Hey, stop pelting me with arrows.

TowerFall setting its sights on a January launch for PC

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Indie platformer TowerFall may land on PC as early as January, according to comments made by the game's creator Matt Thorson to Shacknews. Previously exclusive to the Ouya system, TowerFall won the Media Choice Award Sunday at the IndieCade Games Festival and still looks set to include at least some of the new content we first heard about back in August.

Towerfall's PC release will bring new content, including singleplayer mode

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As previously announced, the PC version of the Towerfall - the Ouya's 2D multiplayer archery battler - will feature plenty of new content. At the time, it hadn't been revealed what that would entail, but in a recent interview, the game's creator Matt Thorson has pierced through the confusion with a round-up of potential features - including new towers and a singleplayer campaign.

Ouya title TowerFall is coming to PC with new content

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If there's one Ouya title we wanted to see break free from the confines of console exclusivity, it was TowerFall—and hey, it looks like we just might have got our wish! Matt Thorson, developer of the bouncy, pixelly, multiplayer-brawly thing, has tweeted that a PC version is indeed in development—and it's going to include new content, too.