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Eldritch to get free Mountains of Madness expansion later this month

Phil Savage at

The first few seconds of this trailer for Mountains of Madness might be enough to convince you that Eldritch's upcoming free DLC will be a happy, Christmas-themed adventure. After all, penguins are too ridiculous to be scary, even in a first-person stealth roguelike. Of course, when the ice of the winter wonderland clears, we're instead left with darkness, evil and creeping dread. An apt metaphor for a family engorged on sprout-heavy Christmas dinners? Probably not.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted pre-orders earn early access this summer

Tyler Wilde at

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is now available to pre-order, and doing so will grant you early access to the second round of pre-release testing, happening "at some point in the summer." The Kickstarter-funded game takes place in the sodden fields of procedurally-generated British isles, where you (sir) are being hunted by gentlemanly robots lurking in the foliage beneath oppressive steel skies.

Thief behind-the-scenes video uncovers Eidos Montreal's plans

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Like a stealth master, I've been lurking in the shadows of Tyler's Thief preview, after having pilfered Playstation Access' behind-the-scenes interviews with the team at Eidos Montreal. Admittedly, I've now made a rookie error by exposing myself to the digital light and shouting "Hey! Look at this!" Here, I'll leave the video with you for safekeeping while I attempt to rustle up some gas arrows to cover my clumsy escape.

Thief 4 screenshots emerge from the darkness

Phil Savage at

Screenshots of what appears to be Eidos Montreal's upcoming Thief 4 have been tracked down by the vigilant Grath of NeoGAF. The shots come courtesy of Russian site GamesManiac, who refer to the game simply as Thief, noting the lack of a number at the end - or in the middle - of the title. In them we see Garrett cling to walls, hang from ropes, and perform other sneaky eyeball-avoiding moves. It all looks a bit Dishonored, which is apt, given that Dishonored looked a bit Thief.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted update talks AI and stealth, shows new hunting grounds

Tom Senior at

A big update on the current happenings surrounding Sir, You Are Being Hunted has appeared on the Big Robot site. It's a game about escaping a host of cyber-gents as they hunt you across a procedurally generated archipelago of islands. It's being built by former Bohemia and Creative Assembly designer, James Carey, programmer Tom Betts, part time coder Dan Puzey and former PC Gamer and current RPS gent, Jim Rossignol.

The team are currently working towards getting Sir to a state where they can shoot some in-game footage showing the hunting AI in action. As a squidgy human trapped in a world of iron tea-drinkers, you'll have to scavenge tools from your surroundings and stay out of sight to survive. Hunter AI and stealth mechanics are the current development focus.

Leaked video looks a lot like Thief 4

Tom Senior at

This video, spotted by Beefjack, seems to show footage from a Thief 4 CGI demo reel. The demo was uploaded to YouTube by "garrettisback" and the video tagged "thief4demoreel." Eric Wong is mentioned at the start of the video, which seems to be this chap. His experience list mentions a stint as a lighting artist with Eidos Montreal working on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Thief 4 back in 2010/2011. Some leaked storyboard images tagged 2010 showed a few scenes similar to those in the video above. They're embedded below.

So, all in all, it looks like this is Thief 4. Or an elaborate hoax. Either way, it seems to capture the Thief vibe quite nicely, with a few extra flourishes, like the unfolding/folding Hawkeye bow, and Garret's new "look I have a lockpick!" pose.

Thief 4: possible storyboard artwork appears

Tom Senior at

Four pieces of concept have appeared that may well be storyboard art for Thief 4. The game is being kept tightly under wraps, but is being developed by the creators of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos Montreal. A storyboard artist who works for Goldtooth (who did the cutscenes for Deus Ex: Human Revolution) posted four images on his blog, which has since been taken down. Luckily for us, the internet never forgets, and they since re-appeared over on Screw Attack. They show a hooded figure that may or not be Garrett stealthing his way into a mansion to access an ominous steam powered door. See all four pages below.