Grid Autosport trailer details Endurance events

Tom Sykes at

Endurance is not just a stat in Dark Souls 2, or the name of Shackleton's doomed ship - it's also an event type in Codemasters' upcoming GRID Autosport, which will have players driving around tracks for a really, really, really, really long time. Actually, throw a couple more reallys in there. The following trailer shows a glimpse of these events in action, interspersed with talking heads of (presumably) famous racing people who have been roped in to say things like 'drive shaft' and 'wheels'. The real meat lies in the accompanying press release, which has some interesting titbits to share about the event. Join me for a couple of laps after the break, won't you?

Outerra engine renders entire planets

Henry Winchester at


Those good people at Reddit have pointed us in the direction of Outerra, an indie project to create a new game engine. It pitches itself as a “3D planetary engine for seamless planet rendering from space down to the surface.”

The latest video on the site (above) shows the engine’s impressive water rendering effects, with waves lapping on the shore and and an Orange Tango-shaded sunset. The engine incorporates vehicles and aircraft, too.