Surgeon Simulator 2013 puzzle leads to more ARG speculation, devs say it's unrelated to Valve's games

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Surgeon Simulator 2013 was recently updated to include Team Fortress 2's Heavy and Medic. On completion of the new level, players were awarded with a small statue. On the base of that statue? A puzzle and Korean text, leading to speculation that this was the continuation of what was assumed to be a Valve-led ARG.

Before we go on, we need to be absolutely clear: whatever's happening, and whatever it relates to, we're stillnot involved.

Behind the scenes of Valve's Portal 2 ARG

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When Portal 2 was announced, the news dropped through an elaborate scavenger hunt puzzle that sent thousands of players crawling all over the internet. Years later, we finally get to see some of the work that went into making that alternate reality game, as told by celebrated Half-Life modder (now Valve employee) Adam Foster in a blog post at Gamasutra.

Team Fortress 2 comic, robot heads and massive tank tease new faction and MvM mode

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Something big is afoot in TF2 land. A post on the Team Fortress blog confirmed that, on Saturday night Valve "launched our most fiendishly difficult ARG yet," an ARG they declared to be "diabolically, even needlessly complex." The TF2 community swiftly solved the conundrum revealing a comic unveiling a third Mann brother Gray Mann. Cold, calculating, fiendishly smart and quite evil. Essentially, he's Team Fortress 2's G-Man.

But what's this mysterious stranger plotting? The evidence at the moment points towards "evil robot army."

Watch Dogs website updates, may be the start of an ARG

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The Watch Dogs gameplay trailer was easily the most interesting reveal of this year's lackluster E3. But those who were paying attention found a little more beneath the surface.

Following the QR code in the trailer lead players to this website, which appeared to belong to the Joseph Demarco artist killed during the demo. Today that website was update to reflect Demarco's demise at E3, with emails sent out to anyone who signed up after viewing the trailer. We're not sure at this point if this will be the extent of the adventure, or if Ubisoft are planning a full scale ARG to promote the game.

Amnesia devs tease new game with ARG

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The studio behind Amnesia, Frictional Games, have been leading fans on the Frictional forums along a breadcrumb trail of clues over the last few days, a trail that leads to this announcement for A Machine of Pigs, due out in "FALL TWO THOUSAND TWELVE." The page also features the above bit of concept art, the last of a series of hints that suggests Dear Esther developers The Chinese Room may have some involvement with the project.

Prison Architect tease continues with new image

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Introversion’s ongoing Prison Architect treasure hunt and ARG continues to confuse the hell out of us. The game’s being teased in a series of grim Polaroids, with the latest very briefly appearing in the Dungeons of Dredmore Humble Indie Bundle reveal trailer.

This one’s numbered four of five, and shows a man - possibly a prison warden - sitting at his desk with a cup of coffee. We received image one of five, showing a gun being held by an arm in a green sleeve. Image two was found by PC Gamer forum user The_B in Introversion’s Subversion city generator, and it shows some canoodling violently ended by a man in a green shirt. Image three was sent to Rock Paper Shotgun, and it shows a man - probably the same man - kneeling in front of a priest (not like that!), possibly begging for forgiveness. The final image, also found by The_B, shows the man sitting on the electric chair.

Will Wright says HiveMind will make "reality more interesting"

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Games savant Will Wright has spoken to VentureBeat about his upcoming game, HiveMind. The SimCity, Sims and Spore creator hasn’t gone into a huge amount of detail on the game, but it sounds equally sinister and fascinating.

"[HiveMind will] learn about you and your routines and incorporate that into a form of game play,” Wright said. It seems to be aimed at the Facebook and mobile gaming crowd - although platform details haven’t been released yet.

HiveMind sounds a touch Googley in its approach, picking up your routines and locations and building up a profile based on what you do, and where. “It is about how we make reality more interesting to you,” Wright said, but then failed to offer any further information.

Arma 2 webpage hacked, ARG senses tingling

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Something's afoot in Armaland, lads. Earlier today, Arma 2's official website was replaced with a message from a group named the "p3R51An 8lacK Hat5 8oy5." It's since been amended, but fake-real news site AAN continues to follow the details. We've previously seen AAN, which is run by Arma's developer Bohemia Interactive, used to build excitement for new releases. Hmm.

Whatever information this probable ARG is prepping, it isn't being terribly cagey at this point. "Spukayev," who's referenced in the hacked webpage, is an Arma 2 character--you blow up his house with a satchel charge in the original campaign. The militant mystery solvers of Arma 2's community are assembling other pieces here. I've posted another clue within.

PC Gamer US Podcast #268: Yo Mamaly

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While Logan, Chris and the interns are trapped in the salt mines, Evan, Dan and Josh lead PC Gamer's faithful through the week that was. Topics include Portal 2 and Valve's ARG, Mass Effect 3 details, Bulletstorm music, the newest Humble Indie Bundle, a WoW player achieving a ridiculous feat, your listener questions and more!

PC Gamer US Podcast 268: Yo Mamaly

How to add a potato to your Steam profile

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In the interest of helping Portal 2 release early, we're advising all our readers--Dan, are you sure this is how it works? This seems weird. Well, okay--we're advising you all to add a potato to your Steam profile through this process. Doing so adds to the "challenge status" potato count, which probably-definitely has something to do with unlocking Portal 2.

Go to the NELIPOT Steam community.
Join it.

Hitman 5 clues include film festivals and mysterious photographs

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A team of forumites have been hunting down a series of mysterious leads that seem to point to the existence of Hitman 5. A Hitman fan started following up on comments by IO Interactive's community manager on the Hitman forums. This led him to an ad on the Sundance Film Festival site. He emailed the person who put the ad up, and in response received a photograph of a Hitman script next to a pair of Agent 47's black gloves. Put on your detective hat and head below to see the image, and some of the clues contained within.