E3 2013 daily round-up

E3 2013 is here, and it should be the biggest one for years. The feed's bound to get a little busy, so we're condensing each day's bank of stories into a handy list, so you can keep up with the latest PC news quickly and easily. We'll have lists for conference day, and the three days of the show itself, with all the latest news, videos, screenshots, hands-on impressions and more! Let's begin.

Day Two

Day Z screenshots

ten minute video

ARMA 3 beta

Total War: Rome 2 screenshots

Geralt may have a part to play

Witcher 2 save files

will be an "open world" game

Company of Heroes 2 trailer

HD upgrade

clenched fists, suffering and death

Watch Dogs multiplayer

not ruling out any platforms for the future.

Metal Gear Solid 5

unite PC and Mac players

Divinity: Dragon Commander


"Sealed Play" mode

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Leviathan: Warships trailer

free to play

touring SEGA's booth

gets a video for E3

Day One

Conference Day


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