Watch Dogs E3 demo explains how to be a jerk to the police

Weirdly, Ubisoft chose to use its conference as a platform for a strange CGI/live-action hybrid of Watch Dogs (or Watch_Dogs if you really must). This is despite the fact that they've already shown us in-game footage. They made up for it at the Sony conference, with seven minutes of unbroken play, taking us through a police escape and rescue mission.

That first section reminds me of the brilliant opening sequence from the film Drive, only with magic internet powers and no Chromatics soundtrack. Given that this is a mission, it's not entirely clear how much will carry over to the in-between dynamic open world chases. Hopefully all of it. The Grand Theft Auto style of throwing multiple cop cars at you is fine and all, but a more subtle, subvertable approach sounds much more appealing.

Although, as with many games shown this year, I'm docking points for tacked on tablet integration.

Watch Dogs is due out November 22nd.

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Phil Savage

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