Jane Jenson's Moebius gets an E3 trailer, featuring tarot cards, ninjas, a stargate

We were given our first glimpse of Moebius a couple of months back , but now we get a better, sleeker and more dramatic trailer for E3, albeit using some of the same footage. Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen's Kickstarted adventure is a big old-fashioned conspiracy mystery, which of course means it will contain ninjas, attempted hangings, and some manner of stargate.

Moebius did have a release date of late June, but the trailer keeps it vague with "coming 2013", suggesting we might be in for a delay. In other news, the game's main character insists on calling himself 'Malachi Rector', a man soon embroiled in a secret organisation entitled 'F.I.S.T'. Those are certainly some names.

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Tom Sykes

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