Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer puts new voice actor through his paces, as Ironside sits it out

I'm not convinced Splinter Cell Blacklist has anything left to show us in its many trailers, but one thing's abundantly clear: Ubisoft are going to keep making them until we give in to their insane demands. (Their demands being that we 'buy Splinter Cell Blacklist', and 'please give Rayman another chance'). Their latest attempts to get us used to Sam Fisher's new, non-Ironsidian voice actor, who certainly sounds younger than his gravel-throated predecessor.

Paucity of revelations aside, it's a pretty good trailer, showcasing some potentially interesting scenes in a game that's being billed as the biggest Splinter Cell yet. Sam also appears to have a partner, at least for part of Blacklist - I'll bet 50 quatloos that he turns out to be evil.

Splinter Cell Blacklist is due out this August. For the rest of our E3 coverage, stealthily click on this here link .

Tom Sykes

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