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DayZ Standalone: New 10 minute video shows off animation, crafting system, gestures

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VG247 (opens in new tab) have ten minutes of new DayZ Standalone footage, as demonstrated by Bohemia Interactive's Matt Lightfoot (playing an in-game survivor wearing a particularly horrible striped orange T-shirt). 20 minutes of Standalone video (opens in new tab) emerged back in March, but it seems to have come quite a long way since then - this latest build boasts a redone inventory and crafting system, along with better animation and character models, and a more realistic range of weaponry.

Those ten-and-a-bit minutes focus mainly on the Standalone's newly simple inventory and crafting systems, but we're also given a glimpse of some of the new combat moves - for example, zombies can now knock you over to the ground. Enterable buildings - of which there will be a lot more - also look quite a bit more detailed than they did before.

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