Destiny gameplay video shows off public events, armored supersoldiers and lots and lots of aliens

The world got its first gameplay look at Bungie 's new sci-fi MMO shooter, Destiny , at Sony's PS4 E3 conference last night. In just over twelve minutes of gameplay footage, we saw some amazing new environments and an interesting “public event” that looks to be part of Destiny's “shared world shooting” system.

First, the important caveat: Destiny has not been officially announced for PC yet. What we keep seeing with a lot of E3 announcements, though, is that the PC port is confirmed after the consoles have done their big presentations. In Destiny's case, Bungie COO Pete Parsons said in February that the studio “would absolutely love [for Destiny] to be on PC,” so cling desperately to that hope.

The gameplay demo winds its way through a lot of environments, from underground maintenance systems to a wide, desolate desert plain. Destinytakes place after an apocalyptic event has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction, so you and your heavily armored co-op allies are fighting against overwhelming alien hordes. So far, so HALO .

About nine minutes into the demo, the players witness a fleet of alien ships coming in over the horizon and are automatically entered into a public event. As they run toward the landing aliens, other friendly fire teams pop into view and everyone fights the invasion together, not unlike Rift 's Zone Events or Defiance 's Arkfalls.

Destiny still has a frustratingly vague 2014 release date.

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