Mad Max game finally announced, being developed by Just Cause studio


After months of blurry images and garbled messages in the sand, we finally have some concrete details about the Mad Max game Avalanche Studios is definitely making. Those details are about as barren as an Australian desert, but here's what we know:

You play as a disgruntled Max with the iconic double-barreled shotgun wrapped around his fingers in an open world action game being developed by Just Cause developer Avalanche. Your job is to retrieve your Interceptor (with much violence, of course) after it's stolen by some foolhardy ne'er-do-wells.

The game's set to come out sometime in 2014. It's not the most specific of release dates, but I'm just happy to have some proof the game exists at all. Now if Avalanche could just show a live demo of someone feeding a crystal-clear Bigfoot, we'd be all set.

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