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Titanfall E3 conference trailers show mechs, explosions, and mech explosions

We've seen the fancy conceptual rendering of Titanfall's stompy robot/squishy human warzones. Now we get to see the game as it is played, courtesy of in-game footage presented in last night's Xbone and EA conferences. Going by these lengthy looks at Respawn's multiplayer mech shooter, it could prove to be one of the best new titles teased at E3. Well, except for Trials Fusion . Obviously.

Thing to remember: according to the information that surfaced from the leaked GameInformer reveal, this is all running on the Source engine. If true, it's certainly the most impressive looking variants of Valve's engine.

Now let's watch that again, interspersed with members of development team giving pertinent information!

This is one I'm really looking forward to seeing more of. It seems to be trying something genuinely ambitious: bringing the flash and spectacle of a singleplayer campaign to the multiplayer.

Also, as the EA conference confirmed, Titanfall is definitely coming to PC. Weird that the Microsoft conference left that out.

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Phil Savage
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