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The Elder Scrolls Online ropes in Dumbledore, and all manner of beasties, for its E3 showing

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Bethesda have brought out the big guns for The Elder Scrolls Online's (opens in new tab) E3 showing: frost and flame giants, witch-things, dragons, trolls, and the biggest gun of them all: Michael 'don't call me Dumbledore' Dumbledore Gambon. The trailer's just under two minutes long, but there's a lot of new, battle-focused gameplay footage crammed in there, including the exciting revelation that you'll be able to shoot chains out of your hand, pulling distant enemies in for a close-up stab. TESO is out Spring 2014.

It's a shame the large-scale battles look so shonky in this video, but at least the close-quarters spell-flinging looks a wee bit more dynamic than in many MMORPGs. The major reveal, of course, is that TESO will be coming to Xbone and the PS4 too - hopefully that won't impact on the PC version.

For our complete E3 coverage, including trailers sadly not narrated by Michael Gambon, head here (opens in new tab) .

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