Total War: Rome 2 "approaching beta," watch our E3 Sega booth tour

Graham is hitting the stands at E3 2013 this week and ducked into the SEGA booth for a look at their RTS-tastic line-up, which includes Company of Heroes 2 and, one of our most anticipated games of E3 , Total War: Rome 2 . There he had a chance to chat to studio communications manager Al Bickham, who said that Rome 2 is "approaching beta" ahead of its distant release on September 3. The Creative Assembly are doing "feature tweaking, a lot of polish, a lot of bug hunting" ahead of the beta.

"We've got all the bits in a bag, we've got all the features, and it's making sure they're all balanced and they're meshing and working together properly" says Al. Watch the video below.

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Tom Senior

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