Divinity: Dragon Commander announces August 6 release date

Larian Studios announced today a new release date of August 6 for its upcoming strategy RPG game Divinity: Dragon Commander . The studio had previously set a goal of May or June for release, but has said that their dragons "needed a few more tweaks to their jetpacks," according to the official studio website.

In the meantime, anyone who has pre-ordered Dragon Commander through GOG.com will receive a free copy of the classic 1994 strategy game Master of Magic. Larian maintains that "one can find traces of some of the creative genre mash-ups from Master of Magic in Dragon Commander itself." Minus the jet packs, of course. Larian has also announced that if you happen to pick up a box copy of the game, you'll receive a free digital backup from GOG.com.

For more on Dragon Commander, check out our detailed hands-on report as well as the Belgian-based developers' most recent update video below where you can meet some of the personalities at work behind the scenes. I noticed in the video that the game may or may not include a skill called a dragon burp, which sounds fantastic.