Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC free to download during E3

If you've already worked yourself into a state of frothy excitement over the latest Battlefield 4 news, why not burn off some of that adrenalin with something almost as good—free content. During E3, DICE and EA are making the Battlefield 3 DLC Close Quarters available as a free download (via PCGamesN ).

To access the content, enter "BF3E3" into the redeem product code box inside the Origin client. Close Quarters offers four new maps, a useful mix of 10 new weapons, and the chance to see the Battlefield developers' version of a more intimate—but still deadly—experience. Because the maps included in this DLC put so much emphasis on indoor skirmishes, the destructible environments require some new tactics in comparison to the other larger, more expansive Battlefield 3 maps. When initially released last year, Close Quarters was also notable for its introduction of two new game modes, the frantic Gun Master challenge as well as the small-scale Conquest Domination.

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