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Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer takes the fight underwater, gives you a remote control dog

Activision and Infinity Ward held a Call of Duty: Ghosts showcase yesterday, in which they showed off around eleven minutes of new footage - and two different missions - from the game. You won't be surprised to hear that one of these is an on-rails stealth section, a la COD4's celebrated All Ghillied Up, though your eyebrows may raise slightly when you learn that you'll be wearing scuba gear. Yep, underwater stealth, featuring underwater guns - are those a thing now? Activision also spilled the name of Ghosts' playable attack dog, which I'm shamelessly not going to reveal until after the break.

Riley. The dog's name is Riley. That was a bit of an anticlimax, huh? Still, at least Riley should prove useful - you can sic him on enemies or even attract them with a well-timed bark, if you can bear the thought of putting him in harm's way. There's no multiplayer shown in the two videos, but I'm amused at how much the scuba-diving stealth bit reminds me of a particular scene from Finding Nemo. Also: dog-cam!

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