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H1Z1 developers streaming design meetings, gameplay for 12 hours today

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I applaud Sony Online Entertainment's transparency lately. The MMO developer and publisher has been extremely forthcoming with new details on H1Z1, its in-development zombie apocalypse MMO. CEO John Smedley has addressed lots of community questions on the game's subreddit, and we're bound to learn a lot of info from the 12 hours of livestream that the development team is doing today.

SOE shows H1Z1, its new zombie MMO [Update: monetization and game map discussed]

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Well, isn’t this always the way? You wait years for a massively-multiplayer, post-apocalyptic, zombie survival sandbox to come along, then several hundred come staggering over the horizon at once. Next to join their rotting ranks is H1Z1, the new free-to-play MMO from Sony Online Entertainment.

DayZ standalone gets new screenshots and progress report: "everything has been redone"

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Development on the standalone version of the DayZ mod has snowballed into more intense territory than anticipated. DayZ creator Dean Hall has posted an update on the DayZ blog to say that "The experience will be entirely new. There is virtually nothing that has been directly ported from the mod, everything has been redone. This wasn’t our original intention (hence the December deadline) - but it has evolved this way. We’re all glad it has!" Read on to find out what the team's been tinkering with.

DayZ 2017 mod aims to make the zombie apocalypse less military, more hobo

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Bohemia is hustling on the standalone version of DayZ, hoping to have an initial version of the game out by the end of the year. In the meanwhile, modders continue to tinker with the DayZ mod code, either by adding new maps, questionable gambling metagames, or wholesale mods within the mod. This practice of modception, for the record, is something we endorse.

DayZ 2017 is one of these, a work-in-progress from modder "shinkicker," aka Luke Hinds. Hinds hopes to reintroduce the feeling of item scarcity to the mod by eliminating military equipment, in a setting a half-decade after DayZ. "I went for ragged and worn, hobo-like survivors," says Hinds.

Dead Island trailer shows eleven minutes of in-game footage

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Gametrailers have eleven whole minutes of Dead Island footage showing the game's exciting open world island and remarkable levels of gore. The footage is interesting in a very different way to Dead Island's other recent trailers. Those vidoes dwelled on the tragedy of a paradise gone bad. If this video dwells on anything, it's decapitation, and good knife-throwing technique. See for yourself below.