The PC Gamer Top 100 Greatest Games

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Every year, the international PC Gamer team puts its heads together to hash out a list of the hundred PC games you need to play. This year, we're stressing 'play'. With a handful of exceptions, every game on the list is one that you can access and enjoy today. Where that's not the case, it's because that game is special and we feel you should know about it anyway. The hope is that you'll read through this list and discover a classic that you'd never otherwise have played.

Our selection process is democratic and subjective. Every member of the jury put forward their personal top 15 games of all time, and those lists were combined to produce our longlist. Finally, one person each from the UK and US teams entered a room (well, a Skype call), went through the entire thing, and emerged with a final list that we're proud of.