GOG celebrates its sixth birthday with cheap games

Phil Savage at is six years old, which means it's far too young for the violence and naughty swears that litter this site. In fact, it's far too young for the games that it's currently selling as part of its birthday sale. If you're not, you can enjoy up to 80% off selected titles from its history.

Arma 3 is 50% off this weekend at the Bohemia Interactive store

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This weekend's Steam sale is all about the Call of Duty. If you're looking for a shooter that's deeper, more complex, more unforgiving and more glitchy, you'd be better off going to Bohemia Interactive's store. There you can pick up the excellent Arma 3 for a 50% discount.

GOG 'Adrenaline Rush' event now live, promises free games

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Nice try, Steam. You may have a bewildering selection of cheap games and a bizarre (and seemingly rigged) competitive point gathering system, but you aren't giving away free games. GOG are. For instance, get to their front page before 11:59 am EDT, and you can secure Omerta: City of Gangsters for free. And if you've missed that, the store is planning more giveaways throughout the day. Update: Torchlight is currently free on GOG until 9 pm EDT! Go grab it.

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 4

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Just when you thought you were out of the Steam sale racket, they pull you back in - today's crop boasting some delectable bargains across a variety of genres, including the pork-bunniest game of recent years.

Reminder: if a game isn't a daily deal or a flash sale, it could pop up later in the sale for an even lower price. If you want to be safe, wait until June 30 to pick up a sale-long deal. Also, are having their own, equally terrific summer sale at the moment, so be sure to check that out too.

Steam Summer Sale is go!

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It's Adventure Time! No, not that one. The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, and this year the theme is adventure! Pack you bags, feed your pets, strap on your best hiking boots and... sit in front of your computer, diligently refreshing the store page in order to keep up with the bundles, flash sales and daily deals that will haunt your every waking moment.


Humble Daily Bundles give you 14 days of deals

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Uh oh. Humble Bundle is already in the midst of a tempting Spring Sale (Saint Row IV is currently $10!) at the same time as GOG’s Spring Insomnia Sale, and your wallet cowers in fear of Steam’s next seasonal sale. The last thing it needs is another opportunity for amazing savings, but that’s just what Humble Bundle announced with its new Humble Daily Bundle.

GOG are having another one of their bizarre sales

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Steam sales are well known for their detrimental effect on your wallet. GOG prefer to engage in targeted strikes to your sanity. Their Spring Insomnia Sale has just launched and, much like last year's Fall Insomnia Sale, it's a strange way to get cheap games.

It works by offering up to 90% off any one of the one hundred included games, but only in limited quantity. As of writing, there are 158 copies of Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! available at 75% off. Given the game, that deal will last longer than most. Better games tend to be snapped up more quickly, and you get to watch each one being bought in real-time.

GOG's time machine sale lets the seconds tick down, and then back up again

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GOG do enjoy their quirky sales. Their last weird one, the Fall Insomnia sale, was a stressful reminder that time is slipping beyond our control, that our frail forms can't physically experience all the joy in the world, and that everything will one day be reduced to naught. It was a fun time. The new Time Machine sale has a more empowering angle, letting users do battle against each other and time itself.

Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics free in GOG Winter Sale, ahead of their possible removal

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GOG don't want to set the world on fire, they just want to impart Fallout in your (shopping) cart. The easiest way to do that, of course, is to make Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics completely free for the next couple of days, which is what they've done. Why? Firstly, because it's an apocalyptically good way to launch their Winter Sale. Secondly, because rights to the series are currently pending a change in ownership, which may see the classic RPGs removed from sale on the service.

Jamestown, Shatter and other indie games available in the Humble Weekly Sale

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It's 'Black Friday' in the US, which means prices are falling across the internet like drunks playing in a greased up bouncy castle. Given the deals that even Humble's own store currently hosts, the Humble Weekly Sale for this week seems almost pedestrian. Not that that should worry anyone who doesn't own these six indie games, and doesn't object to paying what they want to get them.

Battlefield 4, Mass Effect 3 and SimCity among Origin's Black Friday deals

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I'm starting to realise it would be easier to list the distributors not currently holding a Black Friday sale. Even so, we'll give Origin the spotlight for a second. After all, their sale does have some good discounts on a selection of EA games, and, let's be honest, people are hardly going to check Origin's store page unprompted. Now you've had that prompt, head over for up to 66% off certain games, including 40% off Battlefield 4.

Steam Autumn Sale is live, bringing a week of Daily Deals, Flash Sales, and upside down pages

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We've come to expect weird overarching metagames attached to Steam Sales, making use of achievements or trading cards to turn a campaign of cheap games into a obsession creating event. For this, the Steam Autumn Sale, things would appear to back to basics. You know, except for the fact that the bottom of each page is upside down. And that if you click on an upside down button, it will load you into a page that's entirely upside down, because, as we all know, that's how Australians read. Okay, so it's not entirely normal, but it is still cheap.

World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 get heavy discounts in Blizzard's Black Friday sale

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I've been working PC Gamer's news mine for almost a year now. In all that time, I haven't once used the words "Blizzard" and "sale" in the same article. Well okay, I used them once to describe something Blizzard were selling, but never in the sense of temporarily cheaper products. That all changes today, when those words get to meet in their very own sentence: Blizzard is holding a Black Friday sale. As a result of this rarest of events, the prices of World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 have been dramatically slashed worldwide.

GOG's Fall Insomnia sale is weird, arbitrary, but admittedly cheap

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Would you like 66% off the cold war strategy Wargame: European Escalation. Well tough, you're too late. There are six copies left, and they'll almost certainly be gone by the time I've finished writing this paragraph. This is the nature of GOG's weird "Fall Insomnia" Sale, in which a limited number of copies of a cheap game are advertised, and thus only available to the quickest and most eager buyers. It's like being forced to use retail stores all over again, only even more arbitrary.

Capcom celebrates 30th anniversary with Steam sale

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Publisher birthday parties are the best. Rather than forcing you to debate whether a $25 gift card is a crappy gift, publishers simply discount a bunch of games and tell players to have at it. It’s like buying discounted party favors, but with fewer tote bags. Capcom just hit the big 3-0, and has shaved the price off many of its larger Steam titles in celebration.

Bundle Stars deal offers classic strategy games

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I know people are still collecting cans, doing odd jobs and taking out bank loans to replenish the void the recent Steam sale left in everyone’s wallet, so don’t start throwing nickels at me when I tell you there’s yet another sale of video games elsewhere. You’ll need those nickels for the sale.

League of Legends adds undo button to the Public Beta Environment shop

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Remember the time you accidentally bought a Doran’s Blade instead of a Doran’s Ring? It may not have been the reason you lost, but it probably didn’t help. Those days are coming to an end for League of Legends' players because Riot has added an undo button to the shop on the PBE server. Now, when you misclick and buy a Wriggle’s Lantern instead of a Vamp Scepter, you can get a full refund.

GOG discounts over 150 games in the latest day of their #NoDRM sale

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It's the longest day of the year, apparently, and have decided to celebrate by destroying the concept of days - and nights - entirely. That's because, with the amount of games on sale in today's update of the #NoDRM campaign, you could realistically spend the next year indoors, being enthralled by a constant procession of classic games.

Humble Indie Bundle 8 discounts Hotline Miami, Awesomenauts, Dear Esther, and more

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Summer has always been a bit of a lull when it comes to video game releases. It’s the time of year where we hear more about the upcoming fall releases rather than actually, you know, playing games. Luckily, we have the Humble Indie Bundle 8 to keep boredom, UV rays, and those treacherous, shark-filled oceans at bay.

PlanetSide 2 tripling Station Cash purchases today only, vehicle weapons 15% off

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PlanetSide 2's "12 Days of Holidays" promotion has been offering daily deals on in-game items for a week, but today's takes the secular fruit cake. Buy Station Cash or redeem a pre-paid card on PlanetSide 2's site and you'll get triple the SC you normally would, today only. That's $5 per 1500 SC.