The 100 Game Giveaway: Day 3 (US Only)

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Oh my golly! The 100 Game Giveaway rises again, spewing gobs of free games upon the beloved fans of PC Gamer! This is the Krakatoa of game giveaways, and today we have a pyroclastic flow of classics from Good Old Games ( Which ones? That’s up to you – you’ll receive a code good for any game on the site!

As usual, all you have to do to win is to simply “like” PC Gamer on our Facebook page (if you haven’t already), then comment on this post, and you’re automatically entered to win! Winners get to choose from’s vast selection of classic PC games, ranging from the text-based Zork to BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate saga to Chris Taylor’s Total Annihilation to Beyond Good and Evil (pigs with jet boots!) and Age of Wonders.

You can even hang on to your code and redeem it on Friday when announces the big new game that it’s been teasing on it’s website all week!

All the games are configured and road-tested to work properly on modern gaming rigs without any fuss, and come packaged with extras like forum avatars, soundtracks, and desktop wallpapers. Our thanks to for offering up these fabulous prizes! You can watch for exciting new additions to the catalog by following their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Remember, if your Facebook page is set to refuse messages from people who are not your friends, we will be unable to contact you with your prize and we’ll have to disqualify you, so tweak those settings before you enter. Each beloved gamer may only enter once per day, but feel free to come back tomorrow for another 20 free games. And tell a friend!

Note to winners:

Facebook is overzealously flagging our prize deliveries as spam messages. C'mon Facebook, this is the best spam ever! As a workaround, we're creating a Facebook account called PC Gamer Contest Winners and will send you a friend request. Please accept it so that we can deliver your goodies!

Yesterday’s winners:
Jeff Edwards
Devon Biscardi
Thomas Rice
Bob Madeley
Yvonne Duck Chen
Allan Huntingford
Christopher Wray
Josh Fancher
Steven House
Mark Martin
Charlette Stoner
Jeremy Sanchez
David Maye
Craig LaFave
Jen Cruttenden
Erkan Diri
Devon Pancakes
Brandon M Chartrand
Sadie August
Leif Park Jordan