Everything we know about Starfield


Starfield is the first new RPG Bethesda has started in 25 years, and it's set in space! At the time of writing, that is almost everything we know about this mysterious project, which has been rumoured to be in pre-production for years. There are a few minor details to be gleaned from comments the studio has made, and the teaser trailer that Bethesda put at out E3 2018.

We'll update this article as we learn more, but for now, here's everything we know about Bethesda's Starfield.

What is Starfield's release date?

The release date hasn't been announced yet, and don't expect it any time soon. Bethesda is currently finishing up Fallout 76 for launch later in 2018, and Todd Howard hinted to Gamespot that the game might not ship on this generation of consoles. If that's the case we may be waiting for two or three years before we finally get to explore the universe.

Is there an official Starfield trailer?

Bethesda's E3 2018 teaser trailer is all we have seen of the game so far. It shows the sun cresting the atmosphere of a desert planet, and it shows a space station. The rugged design and solar panels implies a realistic sci-fi tone more akin to Gravity than Mass Effect.

We are actually a camera floating in space in this clip. You can see flecks of ice on the lens. As the sun catches the camera we see a word written on our own device reflected on the lens. It shows a logo and a partial word: constellation?

A few moments later a cosmic tear opens up behind the station and appears to gobble it up. A cool space cataclysm perhaps, or a really colourful warp effect.

How far along is development of Starfield?

There isn't a release date just yet, but Todd Howard says that the project has moved out of pre-production and is currently in a playable state internally. The teaser shown at E3 2018 was mostly designed to give us a sense of the game's atmosphere.

When will we know more?

It's unlikely we'll hear anything significant for the rest of this year as Bethesda concentrates on getting Fallout 76 polished up, marketed, and released. That probably means 2019 for more details, but we can console ourselves with the knowledge that it's coming sooner than The Elder Scrolls 6, which isn't even at a playable stage of development yet.