Where to get the Narwhal spaceship in Starfield

Starfield narwhal
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The Narwhal is arguably one of the best ships in Starfield, boasting some impressive stats, making it good for both combat and hauling cargo. It comes at a price though, so you'd better make sure you've been saving those credits if you want to pick up this ship and add it to your fleet.

As you're going to spending quite a bit of time exploring the far reaches of space, it makes sense that you'd want to do it in style. And while the Narwhal might not be the best-looking ship out there, it's a well-rounded choice if you want a prebuilt option—providing you can afford it, of course. Here's where to buy the Starfield Narwhal, and how many credits it will set you back.

Starfield Narwhal location: Where to get this ship 

You can buy the Narwhal from the Ryujin Technologies headquarters building at Neon. If you're unsure how to get there, head to the Volii system, then look for the planet Volii Alpha, and you'll see Neon there.

As soon as you land, head under the sign and along the walkway, then take the elevator to the city. From here, turn left and follow the promenade until you see the glass-fronted Ryujin building ahead of you. Once inside, look for the elevator at the back of the lobby and select the floor Taiyo Astroneering from the panel. After you step out of the elevator, head right, then take the first right down the stairs to speak with Veronica, the salesperson.

Ask to see what she's selling and you'll find the Narwhal on her list of ships. You'll need to find a whopping 450,000 credits if you want to buy it, though if you've taken any Commerce skills, you will get a discount.

The Narwhal. (Image credit: Bethesda)

Here are the Narwhal stats:

  • Fuel: 560
  • Hull: 2118
  • Shield: 995
  • Cargo Capacity: 1760
  • Crew: 7

Veronica also sells other ships, though, while not quite up to the same overall specs as the Narwhal, they also won't leave such a big dent in your wallet. 


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