Starfield High Price to Pay guide: Should you stay at the Lodge or go to The Eye?

The Hunter, a character in Starfield, stands with his helmet on
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As part of the main quest in Starfield, you'll need to make a difficult decision that will affect the future of your new space pals in Constellation. We're still figuring out all the possible outcomes here, but it does seem clear that whoever you're romancing and/or spending the most time with does affect the outcome. This guide contains spoilers for the first major decision in Starfield so if you'd rather go in blind, tab away now. 

Should you stay at the Lodge or go to The Eye? 

As you progress through Starfield's main campaign you'll begin a quest called High Price to Pay. The Eye, Constellation's satellite office of sorts, is under attack by The Hunter, a member of the mysterious Starborn who are none too pleased about you pinching Artifacts and gathering powers. Half of your companions are at the Lodge and half are on The Eye, so you need to decide whether you're going to stay and defend the Lodge or head up to The Eye to save the wounded.

There are several points to consider when making this decision, with the major outcome being someone will die. Who you spend the most time with or are possibly romancing seems to make a bit of a difference, but here are the outcomes we've had so far. 

  • Go to The Eye, romancing Sam: Sarah dies
  • Go to The Eye, romancing Andreja: Sam dies 
  • Defend the Lodge, romancing Andreja: Andreja dies 
  • Go to The Eye, Barrett dies 

These seem to be the four characters at risk of dying, though it's unclear how much of a relationship you need to have with them to save them if you choose to go or stay where they aren't. If you want your romance option to live, I suggest heading to wherever they are, otherwise, you might as well line up a second option. You're going to encounter The Hunter and his nonsense either way, so it's best to be prepared. You'll be able to grab your late colleague's belongings from the basement, i.e. all the stuff you handed to them so you wouldn't be over-encumbered. 


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