How to find the Pilgrim's Final Writing and solve the light puzzle in Starfield

The Pilgrim's Rest outpost in Starfield, surrounded by a desert at night.
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Once you're through the first, slightly laborious, opening hours of Starfield, the story picks up the pace at an alarming rate and you'll be making all kinds of decisions. As the story behind the Artifacts unfolds you'll be tasked with finding Unity, but first, you need to visit the Pilgrim's Rest and see what's inside. So, with that in mind, here's how to unlock the door and read the Pilgrim's final writings. 

How to open the door

After completing a High Price to Pay you'll be asked to find Keeper Aquilus. He'll task you with speaking to the House of Enlightenment and a Va'Ruun prisoner to gather more info, before brainstorming coordinates with you. It's there that you'll discover you're off to the Indum system, so hop to it.

Once you head to Indum 2 and find the Pilgrim's Rest outpost, you'll see books containing his writings scattered around. You can read them to get a better understanding of what he was up to, and the objective will say "search for clues on Unity" and, more importantly, the answers you need for later on.

Inside the shack, you'll find the Pilgrim's computer and you'll need to answer a series of questions to open the door and find what you're looking for. The answers are:

  • What is the Unity?
  • People are necessary. But people are madness. 
  • Myself.
  • In stopping. In embracing compassion.

You can then head in and read the Pilgrim's final writing, which will lead you to Hyla 2. 

How to solve the Scorpion's Sting light puzzle 

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On Hyla 2 you'll find the Scorpion's Sting constellation and a set of glyphs to control the light beam. You need to roughly trace the light over the constellation to unlock new coordinates to the Scorpius Constellation where you'll meet your old pal The Hunter. 


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