Starfield Earth landmarks: How to find New York, London, Hong Kong, and more

A ruined skyscraper on earth
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If you're on the hunt for Starfield Earth landmarks we can point your spaceship in the right direction. Starfield has a series of quests that take you to landmarks on the ruins of planet Earth, the moon, and even Mars, and each quest lets you walk away with a souvenir snow globe, a great photo op, and a nice bundle of XP.

Finding the start of these Earth landmark quests can be a little tricky, and finding one doesn't automatically lead to finding the rest. Here's how to find every Starfield Earth landmark, landmarks on the moon and Mars, and the snow globes that go with them.

Here are the Earth landmark locations, plus the landmarks on the moon and Mars, followed by instructions on how to find them.

All Landmarks

  • New York: Empire State Building
  • London: The Strand
  • Egypt: The Pyramids of Giza
  • St. Louis: The Gateway Arch
  • Los Angeles: US Bank Tower
  • Dubai: Burj Khalifa
  • Hong Kong: International Commerce Center
  • Osaka: Abeno Harukas
  • Shanghai: Shanghai Tower
  • The Moon: Apollo moon landing site
  • Mars: Mars Rover

How to get Starfield Earth landmark quests

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Your quest to visit Starfield Earth landmarks will only begin when you do a little reading, or at least a little book collecting. In fact, with the exception of the Mars landmark, Earth landmark quests begin by getting specific books.

Some of these books may turn up randomly in locations throughout Starfield, but we've listed a definite location for each book below if you don't want to hunt them down on your own. To get the landmark quest, you just need to add the specific book to your inventory by picking it up or buying it.

Once you've got the right book, the quest will appear in the Activity section of your quest log and a landing site will appear on the planet. Just land and follow the quest marker to each Earth landmark and snow globe.

New York

New York: Empire State Building

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Book: Our Lost Heritage
Book location: President's office, MAST Headquarters, New Atlantis. Take the elevator to Central Command


London: The Shard

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Book: Oliver Twist
Book location: Sinclair's Books, bookstore in Akila City in the Cheyenne system


Egypt: Pyramids of Giza

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Book: The Ancient Civilization of Egypt
Book location: Sinclair's Books, bookstore in Akila City in Cheyenne system

St. Louis

St. Louis: The Gateway Arch

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Book: The Price of Destiny
Book location: Benjamin Bayu's desk in his penthouse, city of Neon. Bayu's penthouse key can be pickpocketed off him.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles: US Bank Tower

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Book: Hope Family Tree
Book location: On Ron Hope's desk in his office in Hopetown, planet Polvo, Valo System


Dubai: Burj Khalifa

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Book: Race to the Heavens
Book location: Luxury ship Siren of the Stars, part of the quest Breaking the Bank in the Crimson Fleet faction questline.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: International Commerce Center

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Book: Maurice Lyon's journal
Book location: New Homestead Museum, Saturn's moon Titan in the Sol system


Osaka: Abeno Harukas

Ruins on Earth

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Book: Diary of Kyosuke Nagata
Book location: The Key, Delgado's living quarters, system of Kryx


Shanghai: The Shanghai Tower

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Book: Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics
Book location: Spaceship ECS Constant, children's classroom, in orbit around Porrima II, Porrima system

Moon landing

Starfield Apollo Moon Landing site

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Book: Sir Livingstone's Second Journal
Book location: Matteo's bedroom at the Lodge on Jemison. Matteo's room is right next to your own room at the Lodge.

Mars rover

Mars rover

Starfield snowglobe locations

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This snow globe quest is different than the others. To acquire it, you need to be on the main story quest "Unearthed" which sends you to the NASA Launch Tower location on Mars.

As you're looking through the NASA Launch Tower you'll enter a museum of exhibits from NASA's space program. Look for one that is displaying a rover as part of the MER (Mars Exploration Rover) Program. Interact with the kiosk in front of it and you'll learn about the MER program and the snow globe quest will be added to your quest log.

Land at the marker and you'll find the snow globe sitting on the rover.


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