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There are already hundreds of Starfield mods available to download. We're mostly talking about simple graphics and UI tweaks for now, but the volume of them is a good sign that Starfield's modding scene is on its way to matching the huge Elder Scrolls and Fallout scenes.

Todd Howard says we can expect official mod tools next year, and we're hoping for a complete Creation Engine 2 toolkit that allows modders to totally overhaul Starfield in the way they have Skryim and other Bethesda RPGs. Howard recently told Kinda Funny that "Starfield is going to be a modder's paradise," so that's a positive indication. 

In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to tweak and add to Starfield with mods right now. Also check out our guide to Starfield console commands and cheats for other ways to modify Starfield.

Starfield utility mods

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Starfield Script Extender
Adds scripting functionality that will likely be used by many future Starfield mods. Already required for some mods.

Baka Achievement Enabler
Lets you earn achievements even if you're using console commands. Requires the Starfield Script Extender. This mod is recommended over the original Achievement Enabler mod.

Starfield graphics and UI mods

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StarUI Inventory
Our favorite UI mod so far, adds sortable inventory lists.

Move or Disable XP Bar
Don't like the XP meter hovering your crosshairs? No one does! Why is it there? This fixes it. Requires an .ini tweak to work.

DualSense PS5 Icons
If you play with a PS controller, this will make the on-screen icons match your controller buttons.

Removes intro videos and message of the day for a faster start and prettier main menu.

Ship Skip
Skips docking animations, and can skip takeoffs and landings, too.

In-Game FOV Changer
Adds a way to change FOV on the fly with console commands. We also have a guide to changing Starfield's FOV without mods.

Neutral LUTs
Makes the color grading in all scenes neutral, removing the bluish haze in some scenes. Also includes instructions for making space darker.

Dark Mode for Terminals
Every computer screen needs Dark Mode, right?

DLSS mods

Starfield Upscaler
A popular way to add DLSS 2 to Starfield; also adds Intel XeSS support.

Starfield Frame Generation
Adds support for DLSS 3 and Frame Generation. Can be used with older RTX cards, but to take advantage of Frame Generation, you need an RTX 40-series GPU.

Starfield's AMD FSR upscaling works with Nvidia GPUs, but optimization fiends aren't satisfied, and have added support for Nvidia DLSS. Find more detailed information and installation instructions in our guide to adding DLSS to Starfield

Starfield gameplay mods

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New Atlantis Billboard Map
Puts a big, labeled map of New Atlantis in the city at several locations near transit hubs.

Less spongy enemies
Lowers enemy health if you prefer a faster time-to-kill, as we say in the FPS scene. 

Project Reality
Simulates a more "hardcore" experience by buffing gun damage for the player and enemies,  making stealth more realistic, and limiting NPC ammo.

Simply Faster Ladders
Does what it says, and thank goodness for it.

Craftable Ammo and Utilities
Lets you craft Digipicks, Med Packs, and ammo.

How to install Starfield mods

Most Starfield mods can be installed by placing their files in Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data, but refer to each mod's specific instructions—some are more complex than that (such as the mods that add DLSS support), and require special .dll files.

Almost all Starfield mods also require an .ini file that tells Starfield to load loose mod files instead of the default files stored in its various archives. It's easy to make this file, and you only have to do it once:

  1. Navigate to Documents\My Games\Starfield
  2. Create a new text document and open it with Notepad
  3. Add the lines listed below.
  4. Close the document and rename it StarfieldCustom.ini Ignore the warning about changing the file extension. (If you don't get a warning, make sure file name extensions are visible in Explorer. You can turn them on in the View > Show menu.)

Starfield custom .ini file text:


Once you've done that, Starfield should load mod files you add to the My Games\Starfield\Data directory instead of the default files. You can also try adding mod files to the Data directory in the Starfield install folder if something isn't working. Most likely, though, there's just a problem with your StarfieldCustom.ini file. You can try downloading a copy if creating one didn't work.


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