Where to find the Adoring Fan in Starfield

The adoring fan character from Starfield
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Oblivion fans rejoice! If you missed your yellow tall-haired friend who followed you everywhere before you presumably yeeted him off a cliff, you'll be pleased to know that he features in Starfield. He does have a little more use in Starfield, too, and can be recruited as a companion who can be assigned to your ship or outposts.

There is only one way that I'm aware of to recruit the Adoring Fan into your merry band of spacefarers, so here's how to meet him.

How to recruit the Adoring Fan 

If you want the immortal Adoring Fan to join you, you'll need to choose the Hero Worshipped trait during the character creation process. Yes, it's a lot to sacrifice for a little guy, and his skills aren't super great, but he does weightlifting which makes him a great candidate for carrying all your useless junk around.

I found him—or rather, he found me—after meeting Constellation for the first time on New Atlantis. I was hanging outside the security station—admittedly, I was AFK while taking some notes—and he literally appeared out of nowhere, yelling "by Vectera, by Vectera, by Vectera!", which is a nice throwback. It would make sense that he'll find you anywhere on New Atlantis at some point, so hang around long enough and his face will appear seemingly out of nowhere.

You can recruit him to your ship or outposts, or have him as a companion—or simply reject him, which is rather unkind. He is decent for sneaking around with if you like a stealthy build, and his scavenging skill means you'll get a little extra, but the real fun with him is the dialogue. You can make him pay for the privilege of being around you as a Space Scoundrel, or you can ask him to ramp it up. 

Or, if you fancy being the asshole who yeets him off the proverbial cliff again, you can attack and kill him, which also removes your trait. Big yikes.


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