How to find the Apollo Landing site in Starfield

The Apollo Lunar landing site in Starfield.
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Should you be cruising around Luna of the Sol system in Starfield, you might have noticed the Apollo Landmark. You may have even nabbed the "Visit the Apollo Landmark on Luna" activity on your travels. Whether you’re just sightseeing, or paying homage to our great astronauts, there’s a little easter egg on the Moon left by the devs at Bethesda as a nod to real-Earth NASA’s Apollo 11 Lunar mission.

Walking in their steps will see you nab a neat little Apollo Snow Globe, too, so it’s worth making time to visit our beloved, celestial satellite.

The best way to start your Lunar exploration mission off is with a little exposition from Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal. With much of Starfield’s item locations being random, it may not be in The Lodge, though that’s certainly where one YouTuber spotted it.

"Unbelievable what they achieved with such primitive technology", the journal notes. And unironically so, since the craft that first landed mankind on the Moon had less computing power than a calculator.

Heading over to the Moon, or Luna as it's called in-game, a scan will show a Landing Area; if you found Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal, a mission marker will also appear. Simply pop on down to the surface and you’ll be greeted by a familiar, rocky scene. 

The Lunar Excursion Module sits lonely on a monochrome landscape, craters rising behind it, the American flag still standing proud long after Earth’s demise.

Of course, what kind of Lunar explorer would you be if you didn’t at least stop for a photo beside one of the greatest achievements in human history? Get into your scanner by slapping F (to pay respects), then V to enter photo mode. We’re starting a forum thread to keep track of everyone’s Lunar exploits, so feel free to head over there if you make the landing.

Before you speed off to find the next easter egg, make sure to hop up on top of the Lunar Module, and grab the Apollo Snow Globe, complete with its own mini Lunar Module.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Of course, it can’t actually snow on the moon with only a thin exosphere, but it’s a sweet sentiment. It’s also worth 195 credits, in case you’re in dire need of monetary supplement, but would you really trade a piece of history for some poker money?


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