How to complete the Sabotage quest in Starfield

Starfield Sabotage - Masako
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The Starfield Sabotage mission is the final part of the Ryujin Industries questline, which sees you sneak or shoot your way into Infinity LTD for a light spot of corporate espionage. It's an incredibly tricky mission that requires you to stealthily hack two terminals and steal a prototype Neuroamp from an alarmed case—that is unless you just decide to go guns blazing.

If you're bashing your head against the wall trying to sneak past Starfield's unpredictable AI, it's worth noting that there are basically no negative consequences for shooting up Infinity LTD, and you'll still ultimately be able to finish off the Ryujin questline and get its best rewards. All that being said, here's how to complete the Sabotage mission in Starfield.

How to use the Neuroamp

You can use the Neuroamp via your scanner (Image credit: Bethesda)

After you return with the lost shipment, Masako will ask you to speak with Dalton Fiennes, beginning the Sabotage quest. If you sided with Imogene, he'll lay out a plan to incriminate Ularu, and then you'll have to attend a board meeting where you'll scheme about taking down Infinity LTD. Once that's all done, you can go to see Veena on the Research and Development floor to get your Neuroamp fitted and unlock Manipulation.

This top-tier social skill lets you take control of NPCs and direct them to do small things like press buttons, steal items, or stand in a certain place. You'll get an opportunity to practice using it on Veena's colleague, Demarcus. Press F to open your scanner, aim at Demarcus, press E to select the Social option, and then press E to activate Manipulation. If you're successful, you can then use your cursor to give him a command. Get Demarcus to grab the Test Room Keycard and unlock the door.

It's worth noting that if you fail a Manipulation check against an NPC, you'll be unable to use it on them again. Now, head back up and see Masako about breaking into Infinity LTD.

How to break into Infinity LTD

You have three main objectives at Infinity, namely: 

  • Access Lucas Drexler's computer on the Executive Floor.
  • Access Faye Sengsavahn's computer on the Research and Development Floor.
  • Steal the prototype Neuroamp from the Research and Development Floor.

Luckily, you don't have to decide your approach beforehand, just make sure you have some Digipicks for hacking the computers. Once you arrive at Infinity LTD in the New Atlantis Commercial District and speak to Dezi the receptionist, your false credentials will give you access to the elevator. From this point, there are three primary ways to complete the mission:

  • Sneak in via the roof: If you prefer a stealthy approach, take the elevator to Roof Access, put on that Operative Suit that Ularu gave you, and get rid of your companion. Once inside, use the Manipulate skill to get the guard to turn off the fan—though you can drop through with minimal damage—and then use the Maintenance Systems terminal below to sabotage the heating. This will clear out everyone except the guards. Make your way through the ventilation shafts and up to Drexler's Office to hack his computer, before dropping down the elevator shaft to get to the Research and Development floor. Honestly, this is the hardest route you can take. Even if you're good at stealth, Starfield's unpredictable AI means you'll often get detected through no fault of your own.
  • Talk your way in: After you talk to Dezi the receptionist, take the elevator to Marketing and speak to Aelys Ortiz about your appointment. He'll leave, giving you relatively free reign to get into Drexler's office. The difficulty with this plan is that, if you don't sabotage the heating, there are more NPCs to deal with. When I did this I simply ran through each area doing what I needed to and was out before anyone realised what was happening.
  • Go guns blazing: Once you sabotage the heating so there are only guards left, you can choose to go the hostile route, which has a limited impact on the outcome of the quest. For example, I killed Lucas Drexler and Faye Sengsavahn when doing this the first time, and the only consequences were the SSNN news report mentioning an armed person as a side note, and Masako reprimanding me slightly. This option gets you more XP and credits, and gives you free rein to loot the offices. 

The all-guns-blazing approach is the route I recommend, even if you just sprint through and use a non-lethal weapon. After you're done at Infinity, head to SSNN and pass the information to David Barron, before heading back to Neon to see Masako and listen to the broadcast relaying Infinity LTD's downfall. 

Executive Level: how to convince the board members

The final part of the Sabotage quest is called Executive Level, where you'll need to convince the Ryujin board members that acquiring Infinity LTD is a good idea, which is very easy to do with your Neuroamp. Just use the Manipulate dialogue option in conversation and they'll immediately be swayed to your point of view. Depending on who you ultimately sided with, during the meeting, either Ularu or Masako will get ousted. 

Whatever you choose, the rewards are pretty much identical: you'll get a heap of credits and an office in Ryujin Industries where you can continue to take on corporate sabotage missions via a terminal. The real rewards for the Ryujin questline are the Neuroamp which gives you the Manipulation ability, and the stealth-specialised Operative Suit, which makes you 25% harder to detect.


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