Starfield: How to save everyone in the Juno's Gambit quest

Starfield Juno quest - Operative Khambatta
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The Starfield Juno quest is one of the more random encounters that you can find while exploring certain systems and planets. In the quest, two Ryujin Industries operatives are having some trouble with a rogue AI, and it's up to you to cast the deciding vote on who gets to walk away. It's not the most ideal quest, since both of its regular outcomes result in the operatives getting hurt.

However, there is a secret third option you can use to keep everyone happy if you've pursued a specific faction questline. Here's how to complete the Juno's Gambit quest in Starfield, the choices you can pick, plus how to get that third option to save everyone.

How to start Juno's Gambit

This quest is a somewhat random encounter, but your best chance of finding it is heading to either the Khayyam or Tau Ceti systems, specifically, Khayyam II, or Tau Ceti III. On arrival, you'll find a Mysterious Ship being attacked by an Ecliptic Falcata. Destroy it, and then dock to make your way onboard. Here, you'll meet two Ryujin Industries operatives who are trying to shackle a rogue AI known as Juno. After a short discussion, revealing that Juno killed the technician who previously tried to shackle her, they'll give you the Control Board and ask you to do it instead. There are three overall options and outcomes.

Use the Control Board

After chatting and philosophising on the nature of humanity and self with Juno, you'll be presented with the choice to either kill the Ryujin operatives, or install the Control Board. If you choose the latter, simply talk to Juno again and pick the install board option. Juno shuts down and the Ryujin fellas thank you before sending you on your way. However, once you undock with the ship, a very angry Juno will wake up and suffocate the operatives before warping out of the system. You'll get 3,500 credits and finish the quest.

Kill the operatives

If you kill the operatives, you can help Juno decide how to use her freedom (Image credit: Bethesda)

When the time to choose arrives, murder both Ryujin operatives with your weapon of choice and then speak to Juno. She'll thank you and ask for your input on how she should use her newfound freedom. Leave the ship and she'll warp off into deep space to be alone for a while and recuperate before setting out again. You'll get 2,000 credits for this option.

Save everyone

The best choice is available if you became an operative for Ryujin Industries by pursuing their questline on Neon in the Volii system. When the time comes to choose, talk to Operative Khambatta and explain that you think Juno should be allowed freedom. This presents a unique line of faction dialogue that you can use to convince them. The operatives will decide it isn't worth the headache and ask for a lift back to Neon. Talk to Juno and the dialogue plays out much the same as with the second choice. Juno departs on her adventure and once you safely drop the operatives back on Neon, you'll get 4,300 credits, making this the most lucrative choice.


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