Where to find the Paradiso resort in Starfield

Starfield Paradiso location - the character looks across a sandy beach
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If you're looking for the Paradiso location in Starfield, you've come to the right place. This sunny resort is likely the last thing you'd expect to find in space, but it's ideal if you want to take a break from planet-hopping and soak up some rays of the (hopefully) non-lethal kind—I would still pack the SPF, just in case though.

At the very least, Paradiso looks the part, with beaches and bars, and you can pick up a couple of missions here too. Not to mention, it's one of the few places that has an Enhance Clinic where you can change your appearance. With that in mind, here's the Starfield Paradiso location if you're having trouble finding it. 

Starfield Paradiso location: Where to find the resort 

The Paradiso resort is found in the Porrima system, located to the far right of Alpha Centauri, and up and to the right of Volii, where Neon is found. Check the screenshot above if you're having trouble locating it. The specific planet you're looking for is Porrima II, and you should see the Paradiso location on the surface of the planet.

If it's your first time in the Porrima system, you'll get hailed by someone from Paradiso when you arrive, requesting your help. You can pursue this quest once you land at the resort or simply ignore it and take in the sights. The sand of the beaches might not be as white as you expect, and the ocean is more like a lake, but the deck chairs, parasols, and brilliant sunshine soon make you forget your troubles, if only for a moment.

On the business side of the island, you can find the ship technician near the landing pad, and the main hotel, which houses a general store and a couple of cafes, to the right of the walkway that leads down to the beach. Of course, there's also the all-important Enhance Clinic, which is found just opposite the entrance to the hotel—just because you're wearing a spacesuit doesn't mean you can't look snazzy.


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