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Changing your appearance is actually relatively easy in Starfield, though you’ll have to hunt down Enhance Clinics to do it. These are genetics labs that offer the full character customisation suite—for a price. In this guide, I’ll go over some of the locations where I’ve spotted Enhance Clinics, so you can get yourself a little makeover.

It’ll cost you 500 credits for the privilege of changing your appearance in Starfield. To clarify, that’s not the cost per aspect, but for as many—or as few—changes as you like in one go. As such, I recommend waiting until you have a good few changes in mind, so you can make the most of your money.

That way you can get a full makeover, pronouns and all, for just half a grand. Not bad, especially considering how much real-life tattoos cost, nowadays.

What can I change about my appearance in Starfield?

At Enhance Clinics you can change anything from your hair colour and style, to the finer details of your face and head. You can get a dental appointment to change your teeth shape, or even show how space travel has affected your character in other ways with some sick scars. You can also switch up your body shape to tell the story of how your weary interstellar traveler’s planet-hopping journey has made them turn gaunt and peaky. 

You can even change your character’s walk style, and their pronouns if you need to. Most importantly, you can mark yourself with a cool tattoo, including a cat-in-a-spacesuit tattoo—you’re most welcome. 

In changing your gender, you’ll also get to keep whatever makeup you’ve applied, which is neat. Sadly while you can get piercings, you have to choose between either ear piercings or facial piercings. There’ll be no overdoing your metal in this universe. There are a range of makeup options, too, though changing it for 500 credits a time does feel like overkill in a world where Fenty doesn't exist.

Where can I find Enhance! Clinics in Starfield?

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Any Enhance Clinic will let you change your appearance. These are dotted around the star chart and aren’t too well hidden. You can expect to find one in almost all major settlements, so you may well have even run across one without checking in. Essentially, where there are shops, you’re likely to come across a genetic lab.

  • Neon - Volii Alpha - Volii: By the entrance to Neon Core, not too far from the Spaceport elevator.
  • New Atlantis - Jemison - Alpha Centauri: This one’s right by the Commercial District’s fast travel point, near Terrabrew Coffee.
  • Cydonia - Mars - Sol: Up the stairs just beyond the bar, and to the left.
  • Akila City - Akila - Cheyenne: Head through the main gate and past the barracks entrance, it's just up the stairs.
  • Paradiso - Poriima 2 - Poriima: A small blue building to the left, on the way to the main Paradiso resort.

Speak with the clerk at the desk to get started then enjoy spending another few hours in character creation: the extended edition.

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