Apex Legends should crash less after the latest patch

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It's been a huge week for Apex Legends (opens in new tab), which added a new character, Octane (opens in new tab), on Tuesday alongside its first Battle Pass (opens in new tab). But behind the scenes, the dev team have been improving stability too, and the latest patch should fix the majority of crashes players were experiencing on PC.

Thanks to a patch on Tuesday, the game now creates a .txt file in your My Documents folder when it crashes, and that information has helped inform a stability patch released yesterday. Players have been submitting their .txt files to the dev team, who have also been scouring forums for any other evidence.

"The good news is [the files] have been giving us great info and revealed a few crash locations, and we discovered that many of these are related. One of the issues appeared to be caused by one part of the program changing memory used by another part. These bugs are the most difficult to find," the team said in a Reddit post (opens in new tab). "We had never seen the crash in any of our internal testing before, but now we could finally reproduce the bug and that meant we could find it and fix it."

Yesterday's patch should fix these memory-related crashes—the team are working on other crashes, but these are "much less common", they said. "This is progress, but we don’t expect this patch to be the end all solution for all the crashes and we still have work to do."

If your game crashes, you can submit your .txt file to the dev team via the game's forums (opens in new tab).

You can find everything you need to know about the Apex Legend Season 1 Battle Pass here (opens in new tab).

Samuel Horti

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