Apex Legends Battle Pass: Season 1 unlocks, and how it works

The first Apex Legends Battle Pass is well underway, bringing a bunch of new weapon skins and rewards along with it. Much like when you pick up a Mozambique as your first weapon after a drop, the Battle Pass is a little underwhelming in terms of the rewards it doles out. But nevertheless, it's good to see Apex expanding so early in its lifespan and continuing to evolve.

How much does the Season 1 Apex Legends Battle Pass cost?

The Battle Pass is 950 Apex Coins ($10), while the Battle Pass Bundle will shoot you right to level 25 for 2800 Apex Coins ($30). Coins don't translate directly to dollars because they're only available in static bundles, so expect to spend a little more or less depending on how many Apex Coins you're already sitting on. 

After buying any version of the battle pass, you can also acquire individual levels of progress with the brute strength of your money. Individual levels can be bought outright, all the way to the max 100th level, for 150 Apex Coins each. If you reach level 97 by playing, though, you'll have earned enough Apex Coins to recoup the cost of the battle pass, essentially setting yourself up to get the next one for free.

What new stuff is in the Apex Legends Battle Pass?

You sitting down? Here's what you earn at every level. 

  1. Lifeline Revolutionary skin, Mirage Outlaw skin, Wraith Survivor skin
  2. Triple Take Harvest skin, Apex Pack (rare)
  3. Tracker - Season 1 Kills as Wraith
  4. Hemlock Patchwork skin, Tracker - Season 1 Wins as Gibraltar
  5. Wild Frontier Badge
  6. Bangalore quip, Tracker - Season 1 Wins as Pathfinder
  7. 50 Apex Coins
  8. Tracker - Season 1 Kills as Bloodhound, Tracker - Season 1 Wins as Wraith
  9. Prowler Navigator skin
  10. Wild Frontier Badge, Tracker - Season 1 Wins as Bangalore
  11. 50 Apex Coins
  12. +5% BP Point Booster, Apex Pack (rare)
  13. Mirage banner frame
  14. Longbow Navigator skin, Tracker - Season 1 Wins as Bloodhound
  15. Wild Frontier Badge
  16. Mirage quip, Tracker - Season 1 Wins as Caustic
  17. 50 Apex Coins
  18. Octane banner frame, Tracker - Season 1 Wins as Mirage
  19. M600 Spitfire Patchwork skin
  20. Wild Frontier Badge, Tracker - Season 1 Wins as Lifeline
  21. 50 Apex Coins
  22. +5% BP Point Booster, Tracker - Season 1 Wins as Octane
  23. Wraith banner frame
  24. Mozambique Navigator skin, Apex Pack (rare)
  25. Wild Frontier Badge
  26. Apex Pack (epic), Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done as Caustic
  27. Pathfinder quip
  28. Tracker - Season 1 Kills as Mirage, Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done as Bangalore
  29. Kraber Harvest skin
  30. Wild Frontier Badge, Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done as Gibraltar
  31. 50 Apex Coins
  32. +5% BP Point Booster, Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done as Bloodhound
  33. Tracker - Season 1 Kills as Pathfinder
  34. EVA-8 Patchwork skin, Apex Pack (rare)
  35. Wild Frontier Badge
  36. Caustic quip, Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done as Lifeline
  37. 50 Apex Coins
  38. Tracker - Season 1 Kills as Caustic, Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done as Octane
  39. Flatline Navigator skin
  40. Wild Frontier Badge, Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done as Wraith
  41. 50 Apex Coins
  42. +5% BP Point Booster, Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done as Mirage
  43. Apex Pack (rare)
  44. Alternator Patchwork skin, Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done as Pathfinder
  45. Wild Frontier Badge
  46. Gibraltar quip, Apex Pack (rare)
  47. 50 Apex Coins
  48. Tracker - Season 1 Kills as Gibraltar, Octane Messenger skin 
  49. Peacekeeper Harvest skin
  50. Wild Frontier badge
  51. Prowler Thrill of the Hunt skin (Epic)
  52. +5% BP Point Booster
  53. Apex Pack (rare)
  54. Devotion LMG Harvest skin
  55. Wild Frontier Badge
  56. Wraith quip
  57. 50 Apex Coins
  58. Tracker - Season 1 Kills as Octane
  59. Mastiff Patchwork skin
  60. Wild Frontier Badge
  61. Lifeline banner frame
  62. +5% BP Point Booster
  63. 50 Apex Coins
  64. P2020 Harvest skin
  65. Wild Frontier Badge
  66. Bloodhound quip
  67. 50 Apex Coins
  68. Tracker - Season 1 Kills as Lifeline
  69. Havoc Patchwork skin
  70. Wild Frontier Badge
  71. Bloodhound banner frame
  72. +5% BP Point Booster
  73. Apex Pack (rare)
  74. R-99 Harvest skin
  75. Wild Frontier Badge
  76. Octane quip
  77. 50 Apex Coins
  78. Tracker - Season 1 Kills as Bangalore
  79. Wingman Navigator skin
  80. Wild Frontier Badge
  81. Gibraltar banner frame
  82. +5% BP Point Booster
  83. Apex Pack (rare)
  84. RE-45 Patchwork skin
  85. Wild Frontier Badge
  86. Apex Pack (legendary)
  87. 100 Apex Coins
  88. Caustic banner frame
  89. +5% BP Point Booster
  90. Wild Frontier Badge
  91. Pathfinder banner frame
  92. +5% BP Point Booster
  93. Apex Pack (rare)
  94. G7 Scout Patchwork skin
  95. Wild Frontier Badge
  96. Lifeline quip
  97. 100 Apex Coins
  98. Bangalore banner frame
  99. R-301 Harvest skin
  100. Wild Frontier Badge, Havoc The Silver Storm skin (legendary, reactive)

If you reach level 110, you'll earn another reactive skin for the Havoc, The Golden Idol, and a special animating Wild Frontier Badge.

But even if you don't buy the Battle Pass, you can still earn this free stuff: 

  1. 1 Wild Frontier Legend Skin
  2. 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers
  3. 5 Apex Packs

Flip through the gallery below to view all of the rewards you can earn on the path to level 100.

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(Interestingly, due to regulation around loot boxes, players who reside in Belgium receive crafting metals as a reward instead of Apex Packs—1350 in total over the course of the season pass. Lucky!)

When does the Season 1 Battle Pass end?

The Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass, aka "Wild Frontier," released on 10 am PT on March 19. The battle pass runs for 90 days, so we'd expect it to end on June 17.

It's unclear whether Season 2 will immediately debut following the end of Season 1, but this June date would be good timing for Respawn, who will surely be showing off what's next for Apex at EA's E3 presentation.

This schedule maintains Respawn's initial roadmap, and will put each season at three months long, with four total in 2019.

Octane is the first new character

Octane is the first new Legend to release during Season 1, though he is not part of the content drip you'll work through in the Battle Pass. Here's the full list of Octane's abilities

Although Octane is now available, he is not included with purchase of the battle pass. Octane costs 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. 

How does the Apex Legends Battle Pass work?

There are two tracks to the Battle Pass, a free and paid tier. The free tier gives players one Wild Frontier skin, five Apex Packs, and 18 Wild Frontier stat trackers, assuming you meet the level they're unlocked at. 

Weekly challenges will not be part of Apex Legends Season 1, confirmed by Apex Legends lead product manager Lee Horn in a Battle Pass Season 1 Philosophy post on the official Apex blog

"You’ll notice the first version isn’t built around a complex quest system where you need to do a 720 backflip off of Watchtower Artemis and get two Wingman headshots before hitting the ground." 

Horn continues, "While we think there’s really cool design space in quests and challenges for future Battle Passes, we wanted the initial version to allow our players to just play and learn the game."

Respawn wants players to get a grip on how Apex Legends plays before distracting them with other objectives, though that's not a direct confirmation that challenges will show up in future seasons. 

To encourage experimentation and familiarize players with Apex in Season 1, an XP progression bonus will be award to players that change characters often. We're not sure how big of a bonus it is or how many character changes it takes to kick in, but we'll find out soon enough.