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Magrunner: Dark Pulse is free for 24 hours at the GOG Summer Sale

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If you've been paying attention, you already know that the GOG Summer Sale is in full swing, with big bundles, ridiculously cheap flash sales and other such digital gaming goodness. But right now, and for the next 24 hours, you can snag the first-person puzzle game Magrunner: Dark Pulse for even better than cheap. I'm talkin' 'bout free.

GOG's 2014 Summer Sale kicks off today

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Summer is here, and that means it's time to give up all this videogaming nonsense and go outside and frolic in the warmth and sunshine! Just kidding—What it really means, as we all know, is that it's time for summer sales, like the one that GOG fired up this morning. As usual, it's a digital extravaganza, with freebies, flash sales, daily bundles and the usual "give us your money" shenanigans.

The Steam Summer Sale is on

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As predicted earlier, The Steam Summer Sale is now. From today until July 22nd, daily deals and flash sales will flood the Steam store with prices that are lower than the usual prices. To get the best deals, you may want to be patient and gamble on there being heavier discounts as the sale goes on—a good way to pass the time is to chart prices across a giant blackboard, mixing in the Fibonacci sequence now and then and muttering about "Gabentropy."

GOG 24-hour Summer Sale Finale discounts all daily bundles starting today

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If you regret missing any of GOG's Summer Sale bundle deals, consider them un-missed. Beginning a few hours from now at 13:00 GMT/14:00 BST (for those of us who live in the past, that's 6 a.m. PDT and 9 a.m. EDT) GOG will discount all of its Summer Sale daily bundles at once for 24 hours. Oh my GOG, that's a lot of games.

Torchlight is free as part of GOG's DRM-free summer sale, starting today

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Indie hit Torchlight, the action RPG that pushed all of our kill-loot-kill buttons in the decade between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, is now available for free from GOG. The DRM-Free Summer Sale launched early this morning, and it'll run for 17 days and feature over five hundred games on sale.

EA Origin EU Summer Sale kicks off, 11 IPs cheapened

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Last month senior EA VP of global e-commerce, David DeMartini, took a shot at Steam sales in a chat with GamesIndustry International. "I just think it cheapens your intellectual property" he said, adding that Origin will never do "75 percent off going-out-of-business sales." The summer sale that launched over the weekend holds to that rule, offering a mere 50% off big games like Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3.

Fifa 12, Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, Syndicate, Need for Speed: The Run, Dragon Age 2 and Fifa Manager 12 are also discounted. Meanwhile, the Steam summer sale rocks on. Hitman: Blood Money, The Darkness 2 and Saints Row: The Third are just a few highlights of today's highlights. What's been your favourite buy so far during this fine summer sale season?