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GOG's 2014 Summer Sale kicks off today

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Summer is here, and that means it's time to give up all this videogaming nonsense and go outside and frolic in the warmth and sunshine! Just kidding—What it really means, as we all know, is that it's time for summer sales, like the one that GOG fired up this morning. As usual, it's a digital extravaganza, with freebies, flash sales, daily bundles and the usual "give us your money" shenanigans.

PSA: Amazon offering heavy discounts on popular PC games today

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As Joystiq has noted, Amazon's bargain bin is particularly well-stocked for PC gamers today. There's a good mix of fairly recent hits at deep discounts, and slightly old games for a few bucks apiece.

Highlights include Human Revolution for $20, The Witcher 2 for $16, and Dead Island for $20. Hit the jump for more notable deals.

Indie Royale offering majestic indie game deals

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This is a website that is going to get your wallet into trouble. But not too much trouble, and that's the genius of it. Indieroyale.com is currently offering an indie bundle that includes ARES, Gemini Rue (easily worth the price of 10 of these bundles), Sanctum (a great tower-defense FPS), and Nimbus.

NVIDIA says PC games revenue to overtake consoles by 2014

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Graphics vendor NVIDIA reckons that the total amount of money spent on PC games will be greater than that splashed out on console titles within the next three years.

That's according to a report over at Techgage, which says that the claims were made during a conference call with analysts yesterday.