GoldenEye: Source v4.2 released, adds AI bots for you to shoot

Evan Lahti at

Mod-homages and remakes are a favorite template of PC gaming's terrific species of tireless gnomes. Black Mesa: Source. Star Trek in Homeworld 2. MechWarrior in Crysis. Star Wars in like, everything.

GoldenEye: Source is one of the best of this group. It shows incredible reverence for its ("Don't say it, don't say it...") source material (ugh) while implementing choice changes that respectfully modernize a classic multiplayer FPS. GE:S' trouble, unfortunately, has been a sparse population. The devs have solved this by adding bot support alongside some other improvements in version 4.2. Here they are:

  • BOTS - full featured running on Python AI
  • Team radar colors and standardized blip colors
  • Loading screen images with tips
  • Overhead Team icons
  • Full-screen help display for advanced scenarios
  • Brand new character selection screen
  • Recoded Capture The Key focusing on teamplay
  • New Ourumov model
  • Gamemode customizable weaponset selections
  • Create server menu for easier LAN and single play
  • Python enhanced for custom scripting
  • Over 50 music tracks from 3 talented artists
  • Overhauled Runway, Caverns, Facility, Backzone and classic maps


Click to download GoldenEye: Source's latest version.