Varmilo wins my best dressed award for its incredible keyboard designs over at Computex 2023

You can click through the gallery above to get a good look at the stunning keyboards I snapped over at Varmilo's booth.

Varmilo makes beautiful keyboards, so it's no surprise that its booth at Computex 2023 was filled with fans taking snaps of its latest creations, including me.

If you know Varmilo, you know it has a legacy for making really, really lovely looking mechanical keyboards. This year's new arrivals are no different. The Chinese keyboard company has turned up to Computex with some gorgeous bespoke keyboard designs that'll appeal to fans of pastel colours, traditional asian art, and the weebs.

They're not all new designs, some have been around a while, but with a few extra flourishes added to make them stand out even more.

These Varmilo boards aren't form over function, either. They're fully mechanical, with various picks of Cherry, Kailh, and Gateron switches, and usually come with PBT keycaps. That means a robust board with a clack you can appreciate. In theory, how good they are for gaming depends on your choice of switch, but I game on probably the worst of the lot for gaming, clicky Blue switches, and that's not stopped me yet.

Varmilo boards run from around $90 to $170 on its own site. There weren't prices listed for the boards shown here, but they're likely the same sort of deal.


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