All the PC Gamer hardware reviews from 2022

Steam Deck, AMD Zen 4 CPU, Nvidia RTX 4090
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It's been an interesting year for PC gaming hardware. After a supply shortage that spiked both demand and pricing we've had a slew of new goodies hitting our test labs, and maybe even your desktops.  Though maybe it's not been the most exciting year.

We've had both the new graphics card architectures from AMD and Nvidia, as well as the first flush of Intel's Arc GPUs, too. There have also been new processor generations from both Intel and AMD as well, with the red team finally launching a whole new socket with its AM5 Zen 4 chips. But somehow they still feel entirely predictable, rather iterative and/or infeasibly expensive, and rather risk-free.

But we have, of course, had the Steam Deck.

Outside of that we've had a host of stunning SSDs, great peripherals, new, ultra speedy memory, and a finally OLED gaming monitors. Of course, there have been some kit that hasn't quite made the grade, however, and for some reason it always seems to have been me dishing out the absolute lowest scores of the year. Am I a bad person?

With scores ranging from 43% all the way up to a heady 98% (for a power supply no less) this has been a fascinating year of PC gaming hardware. December was the worst month for review scores, marking a rather inauspicious end to the year, with an average of just 74%. Though much of that is going to be down to me giving the faux-LEGO gaming keyboard our worst score of the year, dragging everything else down. 

Our best month, by contrast, was April with an average review score of 83%. There were no less than four separate products netting a score above 90% in April, and a lot of high 80s in there, too. February, the month of the Steam Deck, also averaged 83%, but over just 11 reviews. For us, that means April's score spread over 18 reviews wins.

In total, we've reviewed 209 different products over the year, so let's look back, month-by-month at every single one of them from 2022.

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