Corsair TC200 gaming chair pictured up-close

Corsair TC200 gaming chair

Corsair's latest gaming chair is as stylish as it is comfortable.

(Image: © Future)

Our Verdict

A premium gaming chair that offers a plush and comfortable experience, complete with oodles of adjustment that’ll work for both the tall and the small.


  • Fantastically comfortable
  • Great looks
  • Plenty of adjustability


  • Firmness may not be for some
  • Black/grey colouring is bland

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I'm a firm believer in the idea that the phrase 'gaming chair' has quite the stigma attached to it. Say it to someone and it'll conjure up images of a bucket style seat made of black leather with plastic armrests that doesn't exactly scream that it's the most comfortable thing in the world.

Well, what if I told you things could be different. That the humble gaming chair could be more than just for sweaty teenagers in bedrooms. That they could have a sense of class and decorum about them. Still don't believe me? May I present my first witness: Corsair's all new TC200. 

It may feature the same racing style seat as other gaming chairs out there, but like Corsair's outstanding T3 Rush, the TC200 doesn't feel like a gaming chair. 

Thanks to its fabric finish and silver and white colouring, Corsair's candidate looks a lot classier, more like an upmarket sofa than an office chair. Silver and white are the in-colours for indicating modernity, and the TC200 in this particular spec looks outstanding. It is available in black and also in a leatherette finish if you're wanting something more traditional, but going against the grain definitely works in favour of Corsair's latest gamer seat.

TC200 specs

Corsair TC200 gaming chair pictured up-close

(Image credit: Future)

Seat type: Racing seat
Recline: 90–180 degrees
Weight capacity: 121kg (268lbs)
Weight: 25.9kg (57lbs)
Warranty: 2-year
Price: $400/£350

The thing is this Corsair chair doesn't just look great, but it also feels excellent. I was someone coming from a five-year-old GTOmega racing chair with a leatherette cushion that over the years had sagged a smidgen and has quite a firm finish to it. Sitting on the TC200 for the first time felt like I was sitting on a cloud. It's supremely comfortable and supportive in all the right places. Its fabric finish doesn't feel coarse or rough and instead offers a nice textured and supportive finish that itself aids in making this chair a great choice for long working days. 

Compared to Corsair’s other fabric offering, the T3 Rush, the TC200 is a generally roomier chair with a wider seat and higher backrest that makes it a better fit for those a little taller, as well as those who sit cross legged. The fact the TC200 is a smidgen roomier means it feels a little more breathable and usable for extended periods than a chair that feels narrow and restrictive. 

I’m only a modest 5ft 8 in height, but the TC200 fitted me well, but this may be an even better fit if you’re someone who is a bit taller, given this chair’s higher backrest and wider seat.

The TC200 is very easy to put together.

The actual seat cushion and backrest are especially supportive and pretty firm overall. Whether this is something you prefer is a personal decision, as some people may prefer a slightly softer chair. Personally though, these firmer cushions suited me well, and made this an immensely comfortable chair. I must also stress the neck cushion here is plush, made of a velvety-type material and filled with memory foam and attaches simply with a couple of clips around the chair’s headrest. There isn’t a back cushion, unlike some other chairs, but given the firmness of the backrest, you don’t necessarily need one.

Corsair TC200 gaming chair pictured up-close

(Image credit: Future)

Of course, there’s oodles of adjustment here to pick from, with the 120mm of gas-lift height adjustment, for instance, feeling responsive and easy to use. In addition, the lever on the chair’s stand also provides more of a free movement option, and you’ll also find that the chair itself reclines thanks to a small lever on the right hand side for when you want to sit back and relax properly. The reclining mechanism is smooth and you can even lay flat here, if you so wish.

Speaking of adjustment, the TC200 also features 4D armrests, which themselves are comprised of a hard-wearing plastic outer, that come with a grooved, cross-hatched pattern which make them especially pleasant to use. Being 4D means they can move up, down, left and right, as well as being rotated inwards, so you’re sure to find a position that suits you best. Personally, having them all the way up and placed within the middle of their horizontal travel worked a treat.

Corsair TC200 gaming chair pictured up-close

(Image credit: Future)
Sitting comfortably?

(Image credit: Secretlab)

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When it comes to set-up, the TC200 is very easy to put together. Overall, it probably took me around half an hour to screw everything in and get it all sorted, and was a lot easier than other chairs I’ve built in the past. You get a myriad of screws and washers in the box so you can get started assembling right away, and you certainly won’t have to go scratching around for a screwdriver or any tools.

So, all in all, the Corsair TC200 feels like an immensely well-built chair that’s also firm and supportive with its grey and silver fabric finish. It looks to right the wrongs of the T3 Rush by accommodating the tall and large-framed, and there’s also a leatherette option if the fabric isn’t to your tastes. It feels like a $400/£350 chair, make no bones about it, and like it’s worth every penny if you’re after more of an office-chic like chair. But those wanting something a little more colourful may want to set their sights elsewhere.

The Verdict
Corsair TC200

A premium gaming chair that offers a plush and comfortable experience, complete with oodles of adjustment that’ll work for both the tall and the small.