Andaseat Kaiser 3 gaming chair

Kaiser 3 XL Gaming Chair Review

The Kaiser 3 is a game-changer for AndaSeat’s gaming chair design.

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Our Verdict

The Kaiser 3 is named well, it’s a great chair that coats your butt and body in plush PVC leather, accompanied by an adjustable magnetic neck pillow and lumbar support.


  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 4D armrest
  • Seat size


  • Placement of the lumbar support knobs

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I know you see the rating, think I'm being stingy and I could just give this chair a perfect 100. No! And here's why, because there's no footrest. I know, I know, the last AndaSeat Jungle 2 that had a footrest I gave a measly score of 70. That's because the footrest wasn't well planned. As new as the Kaiser 3 obviously has been well planned, I think AndaSeat could add a comparable footrest to it and really set this design off. 

Speaking of design, the Kaiser 3 is really into giving options. This chair is available in two types of materials, premium PVC leather and linen fabric. The premium leather comes in seven different colors, including orange, pink and blue. The linen fabric comes in two colors; carbon black and ash gray. The chair I've been testing is the premium PVC leather elegant black which resembles the Jungle 2. The Jungle 2 is seen with orange accents. 

The Kaiser 3, in elegant black has orange stitching along the backrest and seat. Having premium PVC leather means having a chair that is stain and scratch resistant. Which I found out the hard way. After a shower I had gotten all greased and sat in it… It’s not stained but I definitely freaked out for a bit while watching this huge grease spot grow on the backrest. 

The linen fabric is going to be better for ventilation, because you won't get stuck on the linen fabric during those sweaty summer nights. 

Kaiser 3 XL specs

Andaseat Kaiser 3 gaming chair

(Image credit: Andaseat)

Recommended weight: 80-180kg (175-395lbs)
Recommended height: 181-210CM (5'11''-6'9'')
Material: DuraXtra Leatherette or Linen Fabric
Head pillow: Magnetic w/ cooling gel
Lumbar support: Yes, adaptable
Armrests: 4D, magnetic
Recline: Up to 165°
Price: $500

The Kaiser 3 comes in two sizes: large and extra large. The large accommodate gamers 4’11 to 6’2’’ (150-190cm) and the extra large is for gamers 5’11” to 6’9” (181-210cm). The one I have the pleasure of experiencing is an extra large. 

Standing at an imposing 5’9”, I think the extra large will serve anyone 5’5”. I had my friend who is 5’3” sit in it and her feet were barely touching the floor. The extra large works for me because the seat base is 20.8 inches wide. Usually, the seat base is smaller on some AndaSeat chairs. Plus they have bumpers on the side creating an upward wide U shape making it difficult to utilize the entire seat. The width of the extra large is for medium to XXXL, so whether you have a gluteus maximus or a gluteus minimus this chair will fit. 

All of these things are cool, right? It’s great that the Kaiser 3 reclines to 165 degrees, it has two levers, one controls the tilt, the other controls the height of the chair raising it about three inches. These things are all great for comfort. 

Whether you have a gluteus maximus or a gluteus minimus this chair will fit

What I really want to get into is the Kaiser 3's really cool features that add to maximum comfort like the 4D armrests. The first thing I noticed about the armrests is they are magnetic. They pop right onto the armrest and are made out of a PU foam that makes it easy to lean on. There are three buttons on the armrest, the one placed on the outside of the armrest controls the height of it. The button on the inside of the chair near the tip of the armrest allows it to go forward and backward and pivot left to right. The last one located underneath the armrest moves it left to right. 

I love a 4D armrest, especially when the chair reclines backward and tilts forward because it allows me to adjust the armrest for the position I’m sitting in. Nothing makes me more nervous than dangling elbows. It's like leaving your foot hanging off the bed at night. 

You just know something is going to grab it. 

Continuing with the magnetic theme is the neck pillow. This one is a game changer, I can’t even lie. I am amazed at this magnetic neck pillow. That means no straps, no struggling to clip it through the backrest.

BAM! Slap that baby on the chair like you’re in a Flex Tape commercial and it stays. Beyond it being a really cool feature, its helpful if you are shorter than the 5’11” that’s recommended for this chair because it’s easily adjustable further up or down on the chair. 

It being magnetic doesn’t take away from its comfort, either. The neck pillow is made with memory foam and has cooling technology to maintain comfort. 

These are features that we've grown to love on the best SecretLab chairs, particularly the SecretLab Titan Evo, and it's telling that AndaSeat is smartly following the market leaders like this.

Notice anything missing? Maybe a lumbar support pillow. That’s the cool thing! There is no lumbar support pillow, but there is lumbar support –  it’s built into the chair. And controlled by two knobs placed on the left and right sides of the chair.

As far as accessibility goes, they’re not placed in the best positions. But the knob on the left controls the lumbar support moving up and down. Which is, again, a great function depending on your height. The knob on the right side of the chair determines the firmness of the lumbar support and how much it protrudes out of the chair. When I turn the knob toward me I get more lumbar support. The lumbar support recedes into the chair when I turn it away from me. Neat.

Any surprise why this is a $700 chair—that’s actually now marked down to 499.99? I think not; I think this is a great chair for about $500. The quality of the leather makes it easy to clean, the armrests are comfortable, the chair doesn’t box me in, and the features turn this Kaiser 3 from a great chair to one of the best gaming chairs around. 

Seriously, I can sit in this all day. Plus there’s a feature being released in June, a magnetic tray table panel that snaps into the armrest. A portable desk sounds dope, well a lot more dope than a gaming high chair, which it also looks like.

The Verdict
Andaseat Kaiser 3 gaming chair

The Kaiser 3 is named well, it’s a great chair that coats your butt and body in plush PVC leather, accompanied by an adjustable magnetic neck pillow and lumbar support.

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