Join the PC Gamer Club today and get a copy of One Finger Death Punch

As you might've spied last month, we recently launched the PC Gamer Club which offers members a digital subscription to PC Gamer magazine, ad-free-browsing on this very site, and monthly game keys, among other neat perks. Speaking to the latter this month's game, courtesy of our partners at Bundle Stars, is Silver Dollar's One Finger Death Punch—a fast-firing martial arts-infused rhythm game that boasts an 'Overwhelmingly Positive' review badge on Steam

As part of our weekly Why I Love column, Tom once wrote about his fondness of One Finger Death Punch's brutal simplicity, where speed and lightning-sharp reflexes are the name of the game. Snap up a PC Gamer Club membership today for your chance to fall for it yourself.   

Of course One Finger Death Punch is also coming to those already signed up—and if you're still on the fence, let us point you towards our handy Club FAQ

If you fancy that, registration details can be found this-a-way.    

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