We’ve launched the PC Gamer Club

Back in 1993 when the first issue of PC Gamer was published, the cover splash read: “This is the future of PC games!” A bold promise, given that we also promised that Graham Gooch’s World Class Cricket was a major part of that bright future. In the more than two decades since, almost everything about PC gaming has changed, but a couple of things haven’t.

We still aim to bring you the future, but we do it every day on this site as well as in the magazine. And, more than ever we depend on you to make that possible. The launch of the PC Gamer Club is the next step in that relationship. Sign up as a member, and for a small monthly fee you’ll unlock a suite of benefits. 

Basic membership brings you ad-free browsing plus a digital copy of our Ultimate RPG Handbook, but we’re hopeful you’ll upgrade to ‘Legendary’ membership, which also rewards you with a copy of the digital edition of PC Gamer Magazine every month, plus a free game or beta access with each issue courtesy of our partners at Bundle Stars, and entry to our Club members-only Discord server.

You’ll also receive extra game keys, access to betas, and other sweet stuff.

You’ll also periodically receive extra game keys, access to betas, and other sweet stuff. Essentially, when we’re offered a cool giveaway, Club members will be first in line. We also want to take this opportunity to explain why now feels like the right time for the PC Gamer Club. The way we cover games today is immensely different from when we launched. PC Gamer is a round-the-clock operation with reporters on three continents, dedicated to bringing you the most exciting things happening on the platform we love. This a golden age for PC gaming, and we want to do even more to cover it. 

Supporting us by becoming a Club member massively helps with that work, and will ultimately help you shape what PC Gamer becomes in future. Plus you get an amazing magazine, an ad-free site, and the chance to demand to 1-v-1 us in Discord at all hours of the day.

We hope to see you in there soon. For more, read the Club FAQ.

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