Best SSD deals of the week

Best SSD deals of the week

Best SSD deals of the week

With falling prices throughout 2019, there's never been a better time to grab a cheap SSD deal for your PC. Nowadays we've seen SSDs largely overtaking traditional HDDs as the primary form of storage, certainly when it comes to the best gaming PCs, and although they remain somewhat expensive, even the top SSDs for gaming have dropped significantly in price during the last 12 months, certainly when it comes to SATA drives and not necessarily NVMe SSDs.

Below we've got the best SSD deals today across a range of products. There are a bunch of SATAs in there, as that's where most of the discount action is right now, but we've also sprinkled in some NVM drives for anyone with a fancy M.2 slot in their mobo. Sure, you'll always find regular HDDs cheaper than these SSDs, but the performance enhancements they bring, especially for game loading, can't be overstated. Here are today's top deals, specifically for the US.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD | 500GB | USB | $94.00 ($76 off)
If you need an external SSD, be it for storing games or backing up important data, this portable SSD is at a great price right now. Buy at Amazon (Posted: 4/19)

Crucial MX500 | 2TB | SATA | $216 ($9 off)
If you need a lot of space, Crucial's 2TB MX500 drive is $9 off when you use promo code EMCTYUE24 at checkout. Buy at Newegg (Posted: 4/19)

Silicon Power SSD | 1TB | NVMe M.2 2280 | $124.99 ($30 off)
This isn't quite as fast as Samsung's NVMe SSDs, but it's still much faster than even the best SATA SSDs. It's also only $0.13 per GB. Buy at Amazon (Posted: 4/19)

Crucial MX500 | 1TB | SATA | $115.99 ($5 off)
This is only $5 below the regular price for the MX500, but ~$0.12 per GB is a great value. It's also one of our top choices for a gaming SSD. Buy at Amazon (Posted: 4/16)

Intel SSD 660p | 1TB | M.2 80mm PCIe | $109.99 ($5 off)
If your PC has a spare M.2 port, and you can't spend more money on an NVMe drive, this 1TB M.2 Intel SSD isn't a bad choice. Buy at Amazon (Posted: 3/29)

Kingston A400 | 240GB | SATA | $29.99
This is regular price for the 256GB Kingston A400, but it's still a fantastic deal at $0.13 per GB. Buy on Amazon (Posted: 3/13)

Kingston A400 | 120GB | SATA | $19.99
The 128GB Kingston A400 has once again dropped to $20. Considering the 256GB model is just $10 more, there's not much of a reason to buy this, but this is still the best dirt-cheap SSD. Buy at Amazon (Posted: 2/21)

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